Print without limits with these 3 printers with up to 30% discount and 6 free months of ink

If we are studying or have school-age children, it is likely that on more than one occasion we have considered the possibility of buying a printer in order to stop depending on the copy shop in our neighborhood and, above all, on their schedules that almost never coincide with ours. A few years ago, buying a printer was a waste of money, since they stopped working at the first change and it was cheaper to buy a new one than to bother trying to repair it. The same thing happened if the cartridges dried up or we ran out of ink.

Fortunately, that time has passed and currently, the quality of the printers that we can find on the market is very high and we can make an investment in a product of this type and we know that it will last us a few years, at least the next few years. 3 year warranty They currently have electronic products throughout the European Union.

At the moment, we can find 3 HP printers on Amazon, a printer that includes 6 months of free ink and that, in addition, they are on sale for a limited time.

HP DeskJet 2720e Multifunction for 56.99 euros

The HP DeskJet 2720 is a multifunction printer with which we can make photocopies, scan documents and print all kinds of documents and photos. It includes a band where we can store up to 60 sheets, an LCD screen showing the number of documents pending printing, support for WiFi connectionwhich allows us to print from the mobile and with which we can also configure the printer.

Hp DeskJet 2720e

This printer has a regular price of 64.90 euros, however, it currently has a 12% discount, so its final price remains at only 56.99 euros. Includes 6 months of printing completely free, so it will not be necessary to buy ink cartridges during the first 6 months.

HP DeskJet Envy 6020e Multifunction for 84 euros

One aspect that we must take into account when buying a printer is the printing speed. This HP printer model is twice as fast when it comes to printing documents in black and white as in color, however, the time required to print a photo is the same. ( In addition, it allows Doble-Siding printing.

HP DeskJet Envy 6020e All-in-One

This model includes a Wi-Fi connection, a strip of pages with a capacity of up to 100 sheets, allows you to print from your mobile or any other device wirelessly. In addition, it also allows us to scan documents and photocopy them without using the computer, since these functions are performed independently.

The HP DeskJet 6020e is normally priced at 119.90, but is currently available at a 30% discount with a final price of 84 euros.

HP DeskJet Envy 6420e Multifunction for 99 euros

If we want to invest in a printer that will last us a few years, the Envy range is the most complete of all. This particular model, the Envy 6420, includes an input tray for up to 100 sheets and, like the other models, it also includes wireless connectivity and we can configure its operation directly from the application for mobile devices.

HP DeskJet Envy 6420e All-in-One

It allows us to print double-sided documents, and, unlike the other models, it includes a sheet feeder which allows us to scan several documents automatically without having to manually replace the sheets. This model is priced at 139.90 euros, but until the end of the year, we can find for only 99 euroswhich is equivalent to a discount of 29%.

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