12 Best Prize Ideas for Instagram Contests [2020 List]

Instagram has become an indispensable social network for companies and people who enjoy popularity, and also for audiences eager to consume the content of their choice on a recurring basis. While Instagram contests are way better to gain more exposure and audience, but it harder to decide the best prize. In this guide, we’ll share the best prize ideas for Instagram Contests that you can use and get the best results.

Marketing tactics with an interest in increasing the number of followers and multiplying product sales have involved Instagram as a vital tool. However, staying active with constant and different posts is not as easy as it sounds.

One form of persuasion that can be dynamically applied to engage the public is through contests with prizes included. Without a doubt, it is really convenient to strengthen the connection with users. So we give you some prize ideas for Instagram contests.

Why is it important to have a good prize in an Instagram giveaway?

Making sure that the prizes offered in the contests are of good quality and that they are also consistent with the personal brand is important. Draws whose success allows repetitions later to require compatibility with the receiving audience. In other words, users prefer that the account they follow, not be separated from what it represents and what they are looking for.

Inevitably if a prize has enough appeal for everyone to want to get it, the interaction of that contest will be very good and users will stay tuned for the next draws. Depending on the dynamics, the followers will participate by carrying out the instructions given and thus make the draw more comprehensive.

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It should be noted that the importance of an Instagram giveaway containing a good prize gives guarantees of trust and responsibility. And it can lead to the recognition of other popular accounts. And even, it is possible to arouse interest in sponsors who are encouraged to add their products to the dynamics of the contest, or also in some companies that prefer to choose the creator of that draw as an image taking into account their good ideas.

List of the best 12 prize ideas you can raffle in an Instagram contest

Eventually, it often happens that creative blockages prevent posts from having different characteristics than previous ones, and that good ideas do not flow easily, ingenuously, and quickly.

So if you ever don’t know what prize to draw in an Instagram contest, here we recommend 12 prizes from which you can get inspired:

1# Trending products

A contest will have a lot of interaction if the prize is something that everyone wants at the moment, and since it is about things of general interest, there may be more participation from people. Being aware of popular things that can be rewarded is of vital help to please the audience, and also gives a perception of connection with others.

2# Cosmetics

The beauty products will always be desired by many people. An award with a variety of makeup, or skincare products, will be an excellent motivator for an attractive social media contest.

3# Money

There is no reason to be embarrassed about raffling money in a contest. A quantity neither so insufficient nor so exaggerated can be of great help to whoever wins it. In the end, the person who gets that money for participating in a contest will use it for what they need.

4# Own products

If you have an account to sell products of your brand, from time to time a raffle for special pieces could help boost your business and expand to other users. Also, it would be a good tactic to arouse more interest in people.

5# Collaborative brand gifts

If you have the opportunity for some brands to give you several of their products constantly, it would not be a bad idea to choose one of those products to run a contest, implementing an effective promotion and including the brand in the dynamics.

6# Courtesy tickets

Unforgettable experiences are always necessary for people’s lives. And much more if it is about musical events, thematic conferences, sites with recreational attractions, or simply the premiere of a new movie. Make a contest which has as a prize, a pair of tickets so that the winner enjoys a duo of moments difficult to forget, will have participants.

7. Memberships in digital platforms

Sometimes it is not easy to pay the annual payment of an informative or recreational platform. Holding a contest to reward a membership of a platform that offers music or qualified information, will undoubtedly have highly motivated participants.

8# Restaurant reservations

The pleasure of enjoying the professional preparation of a gastronomic specialty will never cease to provoke special moments and to please personal tastes. And also, recommending a restaurant through a contest can be an excellent business tactic.

9# Scholarships for academic courses

Knowledge never hurts. Holding a contest to give someone the opportunity to reinforce their learning can even be seen as a good action, taking into account how valuable it is to learn new things. There is no doubt that it would be attractive and positive.

10# Accessories for mobile devices

New elements are constantly appearing to implement them on mobile devices, either to improve the comfort of use, to protect the device, or to decorate it. It would not hurt if some of these products bear any resemblance to your personal brand.

11# Home decorations

The place where we live, whether large, medium or small, needs an atmosphere that matches our personality, and that produces the comfort that comes from a relaxing place. As in the previous cases, it would also be convenient before concluding the contest, to reach agreements with the company of these products to make it more attractive.

12# Things for pets

Our dear friends also deserve to have their accessories and items to be better. Anyone could enter a contest that offers some things for their pets as prizes.

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