Problems of some Apple Card Family users with Daily Cash

Last month, Apple officially launched its new Apple Card Family platform. This allows Apple Card users to add a co-owner and authorized users with Apple’s Family Sharing platform, including support for the Daily Cash rewards. However, it seems that many users are unable to access the rewards mentioned among other issues.

Daily Cash

Several users have taken to Reddit threads to report the inability to receive the rewards of the Daily Cash program on Apple Card Family. It seems that the new co-owners of Apple Card do not receive daily cash rewards for their purchases. Prizes should be deposited into each card user’s Apple Cash balance every day after transactions are completed.

Additionally, affected users apparently cannot pay their Apple Card balance using their Apple Cash balance. Instead, they have to use a bank account. Other issues identified and reported by users include co-owners and authorized users not receiving purchase notifications and discrepancies around credit limits.

Affected users have communicated repeatedly with Apple and Goldman Sachs about this problem, but without a solution, at least for now. Instead, companies simply say they are aware of the problem and that engineering teams are working to fix it.

There are already those who are proposing alternative solutions:

You have to enter this web page and from there, after logging in, you have to go to Settings. You will see that your Daily Cash se has accumulated there and you can apply it to your Apple Card balance. For now, the best solution apart from this is to call Apple technical support, request that the problem be recorded and referred to the engineering department. After that, call Goldman Sachs and ask them to open a case as well.

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