Problems when printing after updating do not stop in Windows 10

Just a month ago, the KB5003637 security patch caused problems for users to print again after updating Windows. Far from being solved, problems have returned with updates of this same month of July with its new update. This has caused Microsoft to issue a new statement in this regard to inform affected users of the existence of this problem.

New issues when printing with patch KB5004237

Microsoft has issued a new warning stating that the security updates released this July by the company may again cause print and scan problems. In addition, this time the problem not only affects Windows 10, but also those users with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server.

Print issues in Windows 10 with KB5004237 patch

According to the support document published by Microsoft on the problem, it is detailed that after making the updates published on July 13 corresponding to the KB5004237 patch, we may encounter problems printing on certain printers. Within these devices, various types of brands and models are affected, especially those printers that are connected through USB.

In general, the affected models are mainly those devices that use smart cards, so these cases will hardly affect home users. That is why, it will be up to the manufacturers to ensure that their hardware is compatible, rather than Microsoft to cover holes that these can create. Therefore, since it is not a problem that should affect most home users, it is always recommended to keep up to date with updates. In the case of not updating our PC, we can put our system at risk, something that we cannot afford.

The solution in the hands of manufacturers

With regard to help and advice to deal with the problem, Microsoft has very little to offer at the moment. Those in Redmond suggest that we make sure we have the latest drivers and firmware installed, but they only dare to suggest that we contact the manufacturer in case problems persist.

At the moment, Microsoft only confirms that it is working on a temporary mitigation and that it will provide details about it when the time comes. However, in this case it seems that the solution does not go through a patch itself. For the time being, this vulnerability reduction they are working on should allow printing and scanning on affected devices. With this, the device manufacturers themselves would be responsible for launching a new firmware and drivers compatible with our devices.

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