Problems with an EKWB product? So you can process your guarantee

There are several brands that sell directly to the public, including EK Waterblocks, a prestigious manufacturer of custom liquid cooling products based in Slovenia. If you have ever bought from it and find yourself in the situation of having to carry out an RMA and you do not get along very well in English -given that the website and support are not in Spanish-, we will tell you how to process the guarantee with EKWB.

The RMA procedure is an English acronym for Return Merchandise Authorization, which on many occasions can be tedious, especially when it comes to buying on pages outside our national territory, not only the language but because they are governed by the regulations of your country, apart from the common European ones.

How to process the guarantee directly with EKWB?

EKWB blocks

As when buying there are two methods, with and without registration, for the guarantee or return process at EK Waterblocks we will also have two steps to follow depending on how we made the purchase of our product at the time.

If we buy the products on the EKWB website with an account created and not as a guest, the process is much easier. We will simply have to perform the following steps:

  • Sign in to the EKWB store with your account.
  • Go to ” My returns ” Y “Request New Return» in the menu on the right.
  • Click on “My returns” in the upper right corner.
  • On the next page, we must choose the purchase where the product we want to process is located and click on “Continue” and fill out the short form.
  • Select the product to carry out the procedure, even if it is purchased on its own website, we must include the purchase invoice (it is not linked or automated).
  • We advise that, if you have evidence of the failure or the problem, you put all the information there.
  • Confirm your request by clicking on «Send request«.

EKWB guarantee

On the contrary, we can buy on the official page of EK Waterblocks by the fast way without registration, the procedure, although similar, will force us to create an account using the same email with which we made the purchase at the time and once registered we can follow the steps mentioned above with only one difference: when going to “My Return” we must select “Can’t find your order? Click here” since we will not have associated order that we can select. Once on that website we simply have to select “EK web shop” and carry out the procedure by filling out the form.

Process an RMA with EKWB if we have bought in another store?

Yes, you can carry out the warranty process with EKWB as long as you bought the liquid cooling from one of its authorized vendors, in the case of Spain PcComponentes or Coolmod. The procedure will be as if we made the management from a purchase without an account, but we will select “EK Reseller” when clicking on “Can’t find your order? click here” in the “My Return” menu. With this we will be able to manage warranty repairs and procedures, but EK clearly informs: they will not make payments of any voucher, that is, they will not return the amount, since this is only possible if we have purchased directly from their official store.

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