Problems with PDFs? Windows receives an emergency update

The Windows emergency updates They only usually arrive when quite serious errors occur that affect many users, or that affect the correct functioning of other programs within the OS. This new update belongs to the latter, and directly affects the PDF viewers used by users to open these types of documents.

KB5004760: Solution to problems when opening PDF

This new patch arrives out of time to solve several problems that, for Microsoft, have been considered quite serious. The update is focused on fixing an issue that prevents opening PDF files using Internet Explorer 11, or any other program that is based on the 64-bit version of WebBrowser Control. Surely very few users open PDF files using Internet Explorer, but there are many viewers, especially OpenSource, based on this other engine. Luckily, everything is working normally again.

Another bug fixed in this patch is a problem with rendering. PDFs with a gray background could only be viewed correctly if we had the Adobe Acrobat plugin installed. Now, after installing this update, everything works normally again.

Furthermore, the patch also fixes some other bugs to improve the task of opening PDF documents within the operating system.

Unfortunately, this new patch has not arrived without problems. Along with its details, Microsoft has published a series of faults that can appear on computers that install this new patch. For example, Japanese IME keyboards may fail to type certain characters, and handcrafted ISOs that include this patch may have the classic Edge removed and not come with Edge Chromium installed.

How to install the patch. I must do it?

This patch, in addition to being out of date, it’s optional. The first thing to keep in mind is that if we have not experienced any of the problems that are marked as fixed, it is not necessary to install the update, as it will not do any good.

This update is available to all users from Windows 10 version 1903 to the latest 21H1. In addition, it is not programmed to arrive through Windows Update, but we must access this link, the Microsoft Update catalog, to download and install it manually.

Patch KB5004760

These fixes will also be included in Microsoft’s next cumulative patch, set to arrive next Patch Tuesday (July 13). In the meantime, this emergency update will help us to solve the problems we may have when opening these types of documents on our PC.

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