Problems with your Intel Core 12 CPU and DRM games? watch this

Intel has already warned him and although everything is being optimized at forced marches the real solution will not arrive until well into 2022. And if you have bought an Intel Core 12 CPU to play your favorite games, but these have DRM software under their belt, you are more than likely to lose some performance. How to solve it? Until now there was only one method, but as of today another one is added pending the final solution: DRM Fix Tool.

The Alder Lake architecture of the new Intel CPUs is giving a lot to talk about and for now, everything is good reviews except for things like the ones we are going to talk about. Although it is not the fault of Intel but of the software that their CPUs are targeting, the reality is that the fact that it is a heterogeneous architecture is causing problems because certain programs do not correctly understand the CPU as an individual unit and this in security software is a headache.

Why does Intel have these problems?

DRM chip

Because DRM solutions like Denuvo are not prepared as such to detect heterogeneous CPUs with two types of cores. What the software understands is an attempt to deceive on the part of the processor, since it sees two different systems due to the different types of cores and of course, when trying to play the game it interprets that the same key is being used simultaneously for two different PCs.

Therefore, the simplest solution would be for ALL developers to update their games to support and correctly detect the heterogeneous cores of Alder Lake CPUs, but … That will only happen in Triple A titles that are moderately current. The other option is to remove the software DRM that they implement, but then they expose themselves to more piracy and therefore possible less direct income, a delicate situation without a doubt.

GIGABYTE launches its repair software


Until now there was only one way to avoid these problems, but it requires users with a certain degree of knowledge or very daring, and above all, who do not mind constantly wasting time. This solution was to disable the Gracemont cores in BIOS / UEFI to keep only the high-performance Golden Cove, which eliminates the problem, but every time we need more performance we will have to waste time undoing what was done to return to normal.

If you have a GIGABYTE motherboard, this is no longer necessary, since the company has launched a program that allows you to do this from Windows with a single click, which is extremely simple. There are only two requirements:

  • Have a motherboard GIGABYTE Z690
  • Have the latest BIOS / UEFI installed

The company’s repair tool is called GIGABYTE DRM Fix Tool and can be downloaded from the following link on its official website.


You do not have to install anything, it is an executable for Windows and as we can see, we will only have the Park and Unpark options. The first enable E-Cores, the second disables them so that we can play without losing performance or simply that we can start the game.

Given this and its simplicity, it is more than likely that other companies will be encouraged to create something similar for their users, but for now only GIGABYTE allows it.

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