Problems with your SteelSeries peripheral? This is how the warranty is managed

SteelSeries is today one of the most famous manufacturers of high-performance gaming peripherals in the hardware industry, and it is for several reasons, among which we find the immeasurable performance of its devices, but also for the good reputation of its service. post sale that does not hesitate to help users who find quality problems in their products.

What you need to know about the SteelSeries warranty

Like all manufacturers, there are certain limitations and periods regarding the guarantee that you should know before trying to manage it, since when we talk about a guarantee period in no case is it a total guarantee but it has certain conditions.

In the case of SteelSeries, the warranty period for all its products is two years from the date of purchase if you are in Europe, but only one year if you are outside the European Union. In this regard, the manufacturer notes the following:

«The guarantee will only cover manufacturing defects. It does not cover normal wear and tear, including but not limited to breakage due to abuse, cosmetic damage, dents and chips, improper use, water damage or other causes attributable to events outside the manufacturing process.

«The guarantee is not transferable. It is only valid for the first person who made the purchase and only in the country where the original purchase was made. If the product was purchased from a reseller outside of SteelSeries, please check with your regional distributor for information on warranty services.

“Products received from SteelSeries as part of a warranty claim using an RMA code will be warranted for 30 days or from the original date of purchase of the product that was claimed for warranty (whichever is greater). Using an RMA code on does not extend the warranty or change the product to which it applies.

Let’s explain this: as in all cases, the SteelSeries warranty only covers defects attributable to the manufacturing process of the product, but you will not be able to make use of it if, for example, your mouse falls to the ground and breaks, which amounts to improper use or accidents outside the manufacturer. In addition to that, they also specify that if you bought the product in a store you will have to claim the guarantee from the store and not from them (although from our own experience we will tell you that they do not cause problems if you claim it from them), and in the same way also They specify that if they change the defective product for a new one, it will inherit the guarantee of the previous one, that is, if they give you a new mouse in exchange for the one that has been broken, you will not have another two years of guarantee but will inherit the guarantee of the original .

This is how you can manage the warranty of your SteelSeries product


If your SteelSeries peripheral has broken down and does not work or does not work as it should without being the result of mishandling on your part, then you have the right to manage the warranty with the manufacturer (as long as you are within the two first years from the date of purchase). The first thing you should do to manage the warranty is to contact SteelSeries through their support website (you will need to register), from where you can open a ticket support explaining the problem.

A SteelSeries after sales service specialist will then contact you via email, and the first thing they will try to do is solve the problem remotely if possible. If it finally determines that there is a hardware problem in your device, the specialist will give you the relevant instructions to start the warranty and verification process. Once the RMA or warranty management has been approved, it will prompt you to do one of the following:

  • Destroy the device– You will be provided with instructions on how to physically destroy the device. It is important that you do not do it until you receive the replacement.
  • Send the defective product– The brand representative may ask you to send them the failed device so they can analyze it and improve the design. You will be provided with instructions on how to do the shipping, which of course will be free of charge for you.

Once at this point, they will provide you with a code for the manufacturer’s online store through which you can buy the defective product again at zero cost, including free shipping. In other words, instead of them managing the shipment of a new product, they will directly give you a kind of “voucher” for the value of your product so that you can buy the same or another in their online store; Keep in mind, however, that as explained in their warranty policy, the remaining period of this will be inherited from the original product. In other words, if a mouse breaks 14 months after you bought it, the new mouse will only have a 10-month warranty and no other 24.

Additional considerations to keep in mind


SteelSeries works in such a way that you never run out of your peripheral. Thus, if, for example, you have a keyboard whose volume wheel has stopped working and you have arranged to manage its warranty resulting in an RMA as we have explained above, it will give you a code to buy the keyboard again. in their online store before you even destroy or ship the faulty keyboard to them, so you won’t be left without a keyboard.

That said, the code is obviously non-transferable, without economic value and can only be used by you within 30 days from when it is provided to you. To use it, you must go to the SteelSeries online store and log in with your account, which must be the same one with which you did the warranty management, otherwise the code that you have been provided will not work.

In the online store select the product and add it to your shopping cart as normal; The only difference in the purchase process is that in the “Add promocode” section, you must enter the code that you have been provided when managing the guarantee, thanks to which you can buy the product at zero cost.

Manage SteelSeries Warranty

Make the purchase at zero cost and voila, you will only have to wait for your replacement product to arrive.

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