Processors invade the first days of CES 2022

The CES 2022, the first great technology fair of 2022 that will have a face-to-face edition, has started normally despite having suffered numerous cancellations of companies that, given the situation caused by the Omicrón variant of COVID-19, have decided to wait for future editions or fairs to regain physical presence in these events, and choose to participate only in virtual format.

In either of the two, both in person and online, the presentations of the news of the main technologies have happened normally, and the novelties in processors and graphics chips are flooding everything. Even those related to computers, augmented reality and gaming.

Intel has been one of the first to present its novelties in processors: several dozen new models, within the Intel Alder-Lake non-K series ranges, as well as the Alder-Lake H, P and U series of laptop chips. presented the initiative Project Athena, focused on the Intel vPro Enterprise and vPro Essential platforms, and born to standardize several key values ​​in desktop computers.

AMD It has not lagged behind in terms of announcements, as it has confirmed that its Ryzen 6000 chips already have versions for laptops. Apart from this, he has also unveiled several new models of graphics chips from the Radeon 6000 family. He has also talked about new developments in graphics cards. Nvidia, featuring three new GeForce RTX graphics chips: the RTX 3050, the RTX 3070 Ti Mobile and the RTX 3080 Ti Mobile.

But the company has not been alone in the hardware, since it has also talked about the improvements in its Nvidia Studio platform, such as the Canvas update. In addition, it has announced the general availability, for developers using GeForce RTX graphics cards, of its collaborative real-time 3D design platform. Omniverse.

Laptops for education and business among the novelties of CES 2022

In addition to a veritable barrage of new chips, CES 2022 is also seeing a barrage of laptops, most of them focused on academic and professional uses. Acer was among the first to announce which teams it is bringing to the show for the first time. Three Chromebook computers that are not only designed for students, but also for professionals: Spin 513 and Chromebook 315 and 314.

Dell has updated its ultraportable XPS 13 and announced the XPS 13 Plus, with Alder-Lake chips. Also with these Intel processors comes the next bet of HP of ultra-portable equipment for mobile work: Elite Dragonfly 13 G3. Meanwhile, Lenovo advances sustainability without leaving design behind with its new range of Z notebooks, currently consisting of two models: the ThinkPad Z13 and the ThinkPad Z16.

Gaming, very present

Despite the novelties in work equipment, without a doubt the great bet of laptop manufacturers at CES 2022 is gaming, with multiple novelties in equipment and peripherals. HP is perhaps the strongest company treading at this fair for gaming with the news of its family OMEN– Three new desktops (OMEN 45L and OMEN 25L), the Victus by HP 15L PC, the OMEN 27u 4K monitor, and the updated OMEN 16 and 17 notebooks.

The company Razer, known for its gaming devices and peripherals, has brought a new family of gaming laptops to the show. Named Blade, it is made up of three models, the Razer Blade 14, 15 and 17. Asus is another one that could not be missing in terms of gaming news at CES 2022. This time it has arrived at the event with two laptops (Asus RoG Zephyrus DUO 16 and ROG Strix Scar) and a gaming tablet (Asus ROG NR2201) .

Chips also for augmented reality

In these first days of CES, technologies such as augmented reality or autonomous vehicles are also having a place, although to a lesser extent. In the case of augmented reality, with the announcement of Microsoft and Qualcomm, who have announced that they will join in chip making (yes, the processors are also present here) specific for augmented reality. They will make them to measure, and hope that they can be used in the future in lightweight augmented reality glasses.

Microsoft and Qualcomm have also confirmed their plans to integrate their augmented reality software tools, Microsoft Mesh and the Developer Platform Snapdragon Spaces XR. Both will work in augmented reality for both the consumer and business sectors.

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