Programs with JetBrains? Discover these must-have plugins

Although we can find a large number of programming editors, or IDEs, one of the most complete and well-known that we are going to find are those developed by the company Jet Brains: AppCode, CLion, DataGrip, GoLand, IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm, PyCharm, Rider, and RubyMine. These programs offer developers a great number of facilities when it comes to carrying out their projects in the language they are going to use. However, whenever we think of software there is room for improvement. And, for that, there are plugins.

Thanks to plugins, developers can get the most out of our programming IDEs so that we can work with them in a much more comfortable and simple way and be able to squeeze every valuable second. Next, we are going to leave you a series of complements, which we consider essential, and if you work with any of the JetBrains IDEsyes or yes you should give it a try.

IntelliJ IDEA

Tabnine, AI automated programming

The first of the plugins that we are going to talk about is Tabnine. This is one of the best known and used by all kinds of developers, and thanks to it we will be able to automate a large part of the development. This extension is capable of predicting the next line of code that we are going to write, and add it directly to the editor without us having to type a single function. Unlike other similar functions, such as GitHub’s Copilot, Tabnine works privately, learning exclusively from the developer’s own projects and repositories, so the results are infinitely better and more natural.

Here you can download Tabnine. We can use the extension for free, or by paying for a version with more features.

SonarLint, safe and quality code

Another extension that we should also try is SonarLint. Thanks to this we will be able to analyze our code in detail and detect possible bugs, or security flaws, that may have sneaked in to fix them before the program reaches production. All errors are detected in real time, it explains the reason for them and helps prevent them from happening again. An essential extension for anyone who wants to write clean, quality and secure code.

We can download this extension from the SonarLint website.

GitLive improves JetBrains integration with Git

Although JetBrains IDEs are designed to allow users to work with Git, in reality the tool that is included by default in this program usually leaves a lot to be desired. GitLive It allows us to show a tool window from which we can see all the collaborators of the project and all the active branches of it. We can also add indicators that all developers will see. In this way we can indicate which version we are working on.

We can download GitLive from the JetBrains Market.

Issue tracker in IDE, don’t leave a bug uncorrected

Surely more than once we have found an error, or a function that could be improved and we have thought «we will do it». And, of course, we have forgotten about it. Thanks to Issue tracker in IDE, this will not happen again. This extension allows us to add notes, linked to the code, so that we can take notes on the code to improve it later. We can even link this addon with Jira, or similar platforms, to log the bug and assign it to another developer.

Like the previous one, this plugin is exclusive to JetBrains IDEs, and we can download it from the Market.

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