Prosolia is recognized for its trajectory as Sustainable SME 2022 in Alicante

Prosolia Energy has been recognized, a few days ago, with the distinction Sustainable SME 2022 in Alicante, a distinction that values ​​both its activity as a company linked to the production of solar energy for almost two decades, as well as its commitment to the environment and the 2030 agenda.

This award is part of the awards SME of the Yearwhich are organized annually by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, the Alicante Chamber of Commerce and the Alcoy Chamber of Commerce, together with Banco Santander.

Javier Martinez, CEO of Prosolia Energy, has assured that “This award is a recognition both for us and for the path undertaken by renewable energies in general. We live in a perfect moment to make citizens, companies and public administrations aware of the importance of our activity to change the energy model we have in Spain and take advantage of our natural resources to achieve it in a more efficient, economical and sustainable way.”. “If we continue along this path, we will have the opportunity to become an energy-independent country, which would have a very positive impact on both the business fabric and people”Add.

In addition to Prosolia Energy, in the Alicante 2022 SME of the Year awards they have been awarded C3 Systems, Padel Courts de Luxe, Aliventor Group and Esatur.

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