Protect the most private content of certain Excel cells

In the same way that it happens with all the data that we introduce or with the formulas we use in excel, its interface is an extremely important element. The whole set allows us to work in the best way with our spreadsheets, generally full of numerical elements.

With everything and with it in these lines we want to focus on the aforementioned user interface that this powerful program that is part of Office. In the suite we can find various widely used and widespread applications, among which we can highlight Word and Excel. Despite coming together, both software solutions are very different from each other. As we already mentioned, below, we want to focus on the use of the program that we use to create spreadsheets and work with numerical data.

Here we find everything necessary to operate with these elements and obtain the best results. But keep in mind that sometimes here we are going to create documents composed of hundreds or thousands of data independent, which can be a problem. However, Microsoft Excel offers us everything necessary to handle these huge amounts of numbers in the best way.

In these lines we are going to leave aside the functions, operations and formulas that we normally use from this software. We are going to focus more on that huge number of independent cells that make up your user interface. From the first moment we will realize that these elements are the most suitable for working with numbers and results. One of its peculiarities is that we can make changes independently in each of the cells that we have on the screen. As you can imagine, this opens up a wide range of possibilities.

Protect Excel interface cells individually

Needless to say, here in the cells that we commented on, is where we introduce our own data, or where the results obtained are reflected. However, there are certain occasions when they are somewhat sensitive or we simply want to protect them in some way. We have already told you before that we can treat these cells completely independently, which means that we can protect only those that interest us. To achieve this, the first thing we do is click with the right mouse button on the cell in question and choose the option Cell format.

Next, a window will appear in which we can configure a multitude of parameters referring to these elements. But in the case that concerns us we will have to situate ourselves in the call To protect. Here we find two interesting options that will help us when it comes to keep certain spreadsheet data safe of Excel. On the one hand, we have the possibility of blocking the modification of the values ​​or results exposed here.

lock Excel

But that’s not all, since it may be the case that we want the content of that cell not to be seen by anyone else. Therefore, here we also find an interesting function to hide the content of that particular cell. All this will help us to largely safeguard the data of certain cells of our Excel sheet if we need it.

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