Protect the screen of your iPhone 13 mini with these protectors

The truly uncomfortable thing is undoubtedly having to pay for a screen repair on an iPhone. It is known to all that the OLED screens installed by Apple they are not economically priced, and this repair is not covered by the warranty if it is caused by accidental damage in a general way. That is why a screen protector can save you from going through the checkout for a screen replacement in the event that it suffers some kind of shock. This is where the importance of having a screen protector installed on your device lies. 

What to look for in a screensaver

On the market there are many screen protectors that can be found to install on your iPhone 13 mini. That is why different points must be taken into account in order to have the best possible screen protector installed on your iPhone. In this case, the points that you should take into account are the following:

  • Endurance: When we talk about a screen protector, it is of course important that it is resistant. In this way you can ensure that if the screen suffers a blow, it only stays on the tempered glass and does not transfer to the screen as such. In these cases the crystals are accompanied by an indication of hardness. To ensure maximum resistance you should look for the callsign ‘H9’ or higher.
  • Compatibility: Of course, not all screen protectors are compatible with all iPhone models on the market. In this article we are going to focus on the iPhone 13 mini. That is why if you have this device you should take into account this crucial aspect.
  • Installation mode: It is known by all that installing a tempered glass is not a simple task. That is why it may be advisable to have a guide inside the screen protector pack so that it is perfectly adjusted.

The most typical protectors

When we talk about screen protectors, you have to start with those that are more traditional. That is, those that are most used by a greater number of users and that are completely transparent. That is why the experience you have is similar to the one that can be enjoyed without any type of screen protector. Here we show you the best on the market.



This screen protector is designed to be able to provide maximum protection for the iPhone 13 mini touch screen. That is why it has a size of 5.4 inches specifically, not being compatible with the rest of the brand’s devices. It has a thickness of 0.33 mm with rounded edges so that it can exactly match the iPhone screen providing maximum security.

It has a high resistance being resistant to scratches of up to 9 H. In this way a high response and high transparency is granted. It offers a finish that allows excess dust to not accumulate and also a finish that prevents the accumulation of grease and therefore fingerprints. The only problem is that it does not integrate any guide to be able to carry out an optimal installation.



Without a doubt this is one of the most complete screensavers. This is because it has a protector for the main screen but also for the rear camera module. In the pack you can find a total of 3 pieces of resistant glass for all these areas of the device. This is very useful in the event that you do not place it correctly or suffer some kind of damage to be able to have a replacement.

It has an anti-fingerprint function. The surface of the protective film features an oleophobic plasma coating that is very smooth and prevents fingerprints from sweat and grease. In addition, to improve the visibility of the screen, the glass has a 99.99% optical grade light transmittance It effectively blocks and filters ultraviolet rays, to improve screen visibility.



In this case, the SPARIN brand offers in its pack three screen protectors for the screen and also for the camera. But the most interesting thing is that an alignment framework is included. This will always be used at the beginning to be able to have the screen protector perfectly placed. In this way, you will always ensure that it does not stay above the notch, preventing the cameras from working properly.

The glass that is used is of a hardness 9 H. In this way it will resist without problem the interaction with other everyday objects that you can carry in your bag such as keys. The screen protector is of high transparency so that it can preserve the quality of the original image. And if we talk about the camera protector, it should be noted that it is also high definition so that it does not affect the photographs at any time as long as it is placed correctly.



This is a highly trusted brand as many accessories have been designed for Apple products. In this case, a screen protector is offered for the 5.4-inch iPhone. This will ensure that it fits the phone and its edges perfectly. It is built with high quality tempered glass, so the screen will be protected from scratches and daily wear and tear thanks to the 9H hardness.

It is relatively easy to install, although it does not have an alignment guide. But by having a pack of three crystals, in case you make a mistake you can use another of the models that you will find. It is promised that bubbles will not be generated at any time and that it also has the necessary protections to avoid excessive accumulation of fingerprints or dust.



Included in this pack are three pieces of screen protector and also three pieces of camera lens protector. In this way you will have the iPhone 13 mini fully protected. The tempered glass screen protector will fit your screen perfectly. The cut size is laser cut to be as accurate as possible. That is why the 9H hardness will keep the screen completely protected from scratches with keys or other impacts.

High touch sensitivity provides a true touch feeling. That is why it will appear that you do not have any type of protector installed. It is important to note that both the camera protector and the screen protector are compatible with any type of case, as it fits snugly. It has an installation kit that will help you to place the protector in an aligned way and without having any type of air bubble or dust.



This is a brand that also has a relevant reputation behind it. It is able to withstand a total of 5 kg of force, so resistance against scratches and impacts is guaranteed. If you always carry your mobile in your bag, it is likely that there will be some kind of impact with another of the objects that is inside the bag. Or it can also happen when it is stored or taken out to use it, since in any carelessness it can fall to the ground.

It has a special coating that will help keep the screen free of smudges and annoying fingerprints. You can enjoy an ultra clear glass that fully covers the screen to ensure Face ID compatibility and also to maintain camera quality. Installation is relatively easy thanks to an integrated alignment frame and cleaning kit.

Anti-spying alternatives

When you go on the subway or bus using your mobile, the person sitting next to you may look at your screen as well. In the event that you see photos or have a private conversation, it will be totally exposed and it is not something entirely comfortable. That is why there are anti-spy screen protectors whose mission is to prevent other people from observing your iPhone screen from a side angle. We show you the best options below.



The pack includes two anti-spyware screen protectors for the iPhone 13 mini, along with two traditional camera protectors. You will be sure that the screen is only visible to your eyes, while you are in front of it. In the event that there are people on one of the sides, they will not see absolutely anything from your iPhone such as conversations or photographs.

The different protectors have an oleophobic layer that prevents water, oil and also dust. They have a 9H hardness to provide the best possible resistance. The necessary tools are offered to be able to carry out an automatic adsorption without white halo and also without any type of adhesive. In addition to the alignment guide, a kit with cleaning wipes is also included.



The manufacturer is committed to including a total of two units of screen protector with extra privacy protection. Very high resistance is promised to prevent it from breaking easily by carrying the mobile phone in your own bag or pocket. In addition, it maintains the original sensitivity of the touch screen without compromising the HD viewing experience with its reduced thickness and premium materials.

It keeps your personal, and private and sensitive information always hidden from strangers. This is because the information will only be shown to the user who is right in front of the screen. As we have commented previously, it has a reduced thickness, specifically 0.33 mm to be compatible with 3D Touch technologies.



Article that is only compatible with the iPhone 13 mini that has a 5.4-inch screen. The privacy protector always keeps your personal, private and confidential information hidden from any stranger. The screen will only be visible to those people who are directly in front and not to those who are on one of the sides, something that can be experienced in public transport.

Both the screen protector and the camera protector have a protective film that prevents the entry of water, oil or dust. This will make it shatterproof and above all hard to prevent it from breaking if there is a daily impact. And if we focus on the protection of the camera, it should be noted that it has been designed not to affect the flash or the environment when taking a night photo.



Specially designed for the iPhone 13 mini, these screen protectors have the maximum possible resistance to withstand any type of daily impact. In an extra way, the antispy feature is added so that if you are viewing the screen from the side it looks as if it were blocked. This way no one will read your conversations when you are on the street.

It has a high tactile sensitivity to allow a high responsiveness. The manufacturing process has meant that at the time of installation it does not have any type of bubble. But to this we must add the fact that to install it you can always use the alignment guide that is included with the cleaning kit.

The ones we recommend

We have seen that there are many options that can be presented in the screen protector market. In the event that you are a user who prefers to use a traditional protector, the brand ESR will be your great ally. This is because the pack integrates a total of two screen protectors and a guide. This will always ensure that it is positioned efficiently and aligned with the edges ensuring that it can be used with the covers.

In the event that you want to keep your personal data safe, you can choose to use anti-spyware screen protectors. In this case, the content of the iPhone can only be viewed if it is directly in front of it and not from the sides. In this case we must recommend the brand TECHGEAR by having a guide so that the screen protector is aligned with the edges of the device at all times. In this way there is no problem with the use of other covers.

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