Protect your AirPods Max with these covers

If you have AirPods Max and want to extend their useful life, protecting the body of the headphones and keeping their design pristine, in this post we show you some cases and covers that can be very useful for you. Whether they are to protect the entire body, or just metal earmuffs, these accessories will be very useful. So stay in this post and we will present them to you.

These cases will protect your AirPods Max

The official Apple Smart Case has a particular design. Like it more or less, it is a design that aesthetically draws attention. But if we want to protect our AirPods Max from a possible fall, by carrying them for many hours in a backpack or, we want to have a safe compartment where they can be isolated from dust, we will need something more than the official cover from Apple to protect them.

Cover the metal parts

airpods max hard cases

If you want to maintain the aesthetics of your AirPods Max for as long as possible, you are surely worried about the scratches that may occur on the outside, the metal “hulls”. These are not protected, so we recommend that you cover those metal parts with casings, in order to keep your AirPods Max clean and scratch-free. Also, some of these covers are not transparent, but come in colors, so they are a good idea if you want to give your headphones a different design touch.

hard cases

Premium headphones deserve premium protection. And if we want to maintain correct operation and aesthetic condition, we must go for rigid covers. These covers serve to keep our headphones safe, in addition to offering protection to the entire body of the headphones. In addition, some of the cases that we will show you below have enough space to insert the AirPods Max with the Smart Case, so we can charge them while carrying them well protected.

Pro Case Smart Case for AirPods Max

pro case airpods max

If you are looking for complete protection for your AirPods Max, the first case we recommend is not only a protective case, but also includes two covers to protect the metal parts of the AirPods. It is a rigid and quite spacious case, in which we can put the AirPods Max with the Smart Case and store cables and some additional accessories in the mesh pocket, which is inside the case.

Spigen Kladsen Carrying Case

sipegen airpods max case

This hard case for AirPods Max has the capacity to wear the headphones with the Smart Case. It is a rigid casing and takes up little space, but its interior is very well used, since it has an interior pocket in its central part in which we can store the odd cable.

Lychee Case for AirPods Max

lychee airpods max case

This AirPods Max case is used to carry our headphones without having to wear the Smart Case. In this case, the headphones are put to sleep directly inside the case, but have to be charged with a cable. Even so, and if we are not interested in taking the official Smart Case. Everywhere, we can carry a cable and the wall adapter inside the same case.

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