Protect your documents in LibreOffice with its security features

It is made up of several programs that help us to cover the most common sectors in this type of use. We have a text editor, a spreadsheet program, another to generate our own multimedia presentations, work with mathematical functions, etc. In addition, the price that we comment on, which is zero, a huge surprise with the ease of file formats that it has with the proposal of Microsoft.

At the same time, it is also worth highlighting the enormous functionality that it offers us, thus covering the needs of the majority of users. In fact, it is increasingly used in businesses and homes, as it adapts to all types of environments. Its developers, fully aware of all this, do not stop improving their project based on updates that they release periodically. But here not only functionality or a beautiful user interface counts, as well as compatibility, but at the same time we demand a series of security measures.

That is why we are going to talk about some of the suite’s built-in functions below that will allow us to fully protect the documents we create here.

Use a password for each document

We already told you before that this is an office suite made up of a multitude of independent programs. However, all documents That we believe here, whatever the application used, has a very important security function, we refer to the possibility of establishing an access password to each of the projects that we create here.

In fact, it should be noted that practically all the current solutions that make up LibreOffice have the same behavior in this regard. Therefore, setting an access password for the documents generated will always be the same and restrict access to them. To achieve this, we just have to go to the Save as option on the File menu. In the window that appears we find a box that indicates us. We can even encrypt the data that make up this specific file from the option Encrypt with GPG key.

Personality the level of security of macros

As is the case with almost all office solutions, one of the main access routes for malicious code is through macros. These are actions that are already predetermined and that attackers use to introduce their malware onto our computers. That is why many suites of this type allow us to configure security levels established for these macros. And this case was not going to be less, as we are going to show you.

The first thing we do is open the LibreOffice control center and then go to the Tools / Options menu. In the left panel we will see a section called Security in which we click to see the available options. If we access the Macro Security button we will be able to establish the security level for these items out of the four available.

macros security

Set protection alerts and advisories

In the same way and from the same window mentioned above, we have the possibility of customizing and establishing various alerts related to this same topic. This way we can be informed about the changes and actions that are carried out with our projects created in LibreOffice. to give us an idea we will have the possibility of receiving notifications if these documents are printed, modified, sent, a PDF is created, etc.

security options

In addition, we can instruct the application to remove the personal information when saving a certain file or even showing a recommendation message to use a password like the one we saw earlier.

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