Protect your iPad mini with these amazing cases

What should you look for in an iPad case?

When you buy a new iPad mini, it is usually accompanied by a cover to finish protecting it. In the end, a significant financial outlay is being made and that is why it is necessary to find common characteristics in these accessories. The points that you must take into account when making the purchase are the following:

  • Construction material: You can find many types of iPad mini cases on the market. The most common are those that are made of silicone, but you can also find those that are made of leather or much more resistant materials. The latter are important if you work in environments where the iPad can easily fall to the ground or it can be hit.
  • Compatibility: Keep in mind that the covers you are about to buy are compatible with your iPad. In the case of the mini range, there are differences between the first, second and third models with respect to the following. When making the purchase, the seller establishes this compatibility very clearly, although you can check it yourself by looking at the measurements.
  • Price: undoubtedly this is one of the most critical points that exist when buying a new cover. In the market you can find very variable prices in this sense, since those that are made of silicone can be cheaper and those with more resistant materials can be more expensive. In the end, you must find the cover that best suits your particular needs in every way.

Silicone options

Silicone is one of the most common materials that can be used in iPad mini cases. In this case, it is a flexible case that adapts perfectly to the devices. Here we show you the best options in detail.



This case is compatible with those iPad mini that have a 7.9-inch screen. Constructed of silicone that is very smooth to the touch on the front and soft TPU back cover that absorbs shock, being very easy to put on and take off without having to scratch the iPad. The magnetic cover is smart because just by closing it and the screen goes to sleep without having to press any button.

The sleeve allows you to rest the iPad in a comfortable position to watch a movie. This is achieved thanks to the cover that when removed can be bent at five different angles. This makes it easy to switch between standing and writing. This makes it much more comfortable to use it in all situations that may arise. It is also available in numerous uniform colors to be able to have the design that you want.



Case compatible with the first three iPad mini models. The upper part of the case is constructed of high-quality PU leather, with microfiber material on the inside to prevent the screen from being damaged. The back of the case is made of silicone which facilitates the placement and also the removal of the iPad case itself without causing damage and making it translucent.

The overall design is quite thin and light so it doesn’t increase the thickness of the iPad itself like other cases do. It also allows full access to the side buttons of the iPad mini to unlock it or have to lower and raise the general volume. In this case, the cover is only available in pale pink.



Designed for the 7.9-inch case. It offers total protection, with its front cover made of a soft microfiber interior lining and a non-slip PU leather exterior. In addition, in general, it also has a fairly thin and light design so it does not increase the weight of the general device nor its thickness, so you will not notice in this sense that you are wearing a cover.

The back is frosted translucent and smooth with hidden air pockets in each corner. This will ensure that in the event of an impact in these areas, the screen will not break, nor will abrasions occur on the chassis itself. The case has a magnetic front cover that makes the tablet automatically wake up as soon as it is opened and locks as soon as the case is closed.



Designed for the first three iPad mini models out there. It is a stylish high quality durable PU leather cover, ultra thin, lightweight, fashionable, easy to install. The back is made of silicone like the one used in iPhone funds. This makes it really flexible and in the corners there is extra protection against bumps and impacts against the ground.

In addition the front cover has three folds with standing positions and also in desktop mode. This makes it possible to view multimedia content in a very simple and above all comfortable way. The cutouts and edges of this case are really precise to fit perfectly. Allows you to have full access to all iPad controls.

Transparent covers

It may be the case that the covers that are opaque end up hiding the design of the iPad mini itself. If you want to have it in view, you can opt for transparent funds like the ones we show you below.



Case specially designed for the first three generations of iPad mini. It has an ultra-thin and light design that will make you not notice that you have it on at any time in addition to enjoying a really cheap price. Built in 100% transparent TPU so that you can see the design of the iPad mini without any problem.

You will get maximum protection on your iPad with the best possible features in this type of case. That is why if you want your new tablet to last a long time and not stop seeing the original color that it has from the factory, this is one of the best options you can have on the market right now. In addition, the case respects the buttons that exist on the sides of the iPad so that you can use them comfortably.


Compatible with all iPad mini with a 9.7-inch screen. Dot pad design with a particulate interior that prevents watermarking and improves heat dissipation. It fits perfectly to tablets to have greater precision in the buttons and also in the ports so as not to have problems when using it on a day-to-day basis.

The case does not add extra thickness to the iPad mini so you will not notice that it is on. It offers long-lasting protection, being resistant against bumps, scratches and liquids, avoiding the accumulation of dust or grease thanks to the layer that it integrates. The brand promises that in no case will it have a yellowing of the cover itself with an 18-month warranty with the manufacturer.


It can be used in those iPad mini that have a 9.7-inch screen, these being the latest generations.It adapts perfectly to the tablet to leave the charging slots operational so you should not remove it at any time to use it in a normal. It is made of a completely transparent plastic material that is also flexible to facilitate its placement.

A cover is included in the pack itself to protect the screen in the best possible way. This cover has a magnetic closure so when you close it you can lock the iPad automatically without any problem. This is a cover that acts as if it were that of a book, so it has no possibility of being used as a lectern as if it happens in other covers.

Stronger alternatives

In the event that your iPad is prone to taking several shocks or you use it in places that are not too stable, it is important to have a sturdy case. We show you the best ones below.



It has 360-degree protection with 3-in-1 systems, perfectly combining the silicone on the front to have a much softer touch while maintaining a much thicker system of silicone material on the back. It is ideal to be able to have maximum protection when a fall occurs as it can cause a rebound effect.

The edges are raised and protect the screen from flat damage, and they keep the screen clean and scratch-free. This also happens with the camera that if it is protruding it can end up causing the first collision to take place. In order to have full access to all the buttons, it is specially designed so that it is not difficult to lock it or change the volume. It is also available in different colors.



Case designed for the 9.7-inch iPad mini. It features quality PC material and shock-absorbing TPU that offer comprehensive protection for your tablet, efficiently reducing damage from accidental drops, impacts, slides, or scratches. It includes a shoulder strap that is adjustable and removable so you can always carry it with you.

On the back is a 360-degree swivel mount that offers optimal positions for writing or viewing multimedia content. It has a precise cutout that allows a perfect fit to the frame of the iPad mini with access to all functions such as the speakers or the camera.



Compatible with the first three generations of iPad. Verco offers a hard shell case made of stretchy silicone that provides a firm hold, the tough plastic outer case protects the device from bumps and other damage. The inner shell is flexible so that it can be easily attached.

It offers complete security with a raised edge at the front that protrudes slightly above the screen. In this way, if it falls and the screen collides with the ground, it can be prevented from breaking at all times. It includes flexible controls on the sides and the ports are also uncovered.

Which we recommend

Of all the covers that we have discussed, we must recommend two of them. The first is that of MuyDoux that has a really interesting design to be able to use the cover itself as a support to display multimedia content. It is built in flexible silicone that makes it fit perfectly with the iPad. In the event of a collision, a break does not occur as it ends up bouncing.

But if the design of your iPad mini has you in love and you do not want to cover it by the case, you may need to buy a transparent case. In this case the AICEK It is highly recommended since it is built with top quality materials. This means that the cover itself does not end up yellowing, which is one of the big problems that covers of this style can have.

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