Protect your Kodi content and settings with this simple feature

Surely you already know that in this market sector we can use a multitude of solutions. We find them free and paid, more or less complete, as well as some more accessible than others. At the same time, when choosing one proposal or another there are several factors that we take into consideration, although the sum of the majority will be enough to opt for one of these options.

One of the most complete that we can use and that has been with us for several years, is the open source software called Kodi. Here we talk about a complete multimedia center that seems to work independently of the operating system itself. This is something that the program tries to reveal both in its functions and in its user interface, although in reality it is not like that.

It is true that it offers us a good amount of functionalities that will be of enormous help to us. And it is necessary to bear in mind that we are not facing a simple content player, but that it goes much further. From here we can also manage all this, combining photographic elements, videos, music, channels TV, programs, etc. All this through a unique and interesting user interface.

Activate the media center master lock

However, this is a program that can be used by almost anyone with access to the PC. Precisely for this reason the team administrator should establish a series of access restrictions to certain sections. For this we have an integrated functionality in the multimedia center called master lock.

To access this element, what we do is open the program and click on the Cogwheel located at the top of the main window. Next, we click on the Interface section, and in the left panel we already find the aforementioned master lock.

Why do I need to activate this feature on Kodi

This is an extremely important element especially in those computers accessible to multiple users. From here we will have the possibility of marking various sections of the program that can only be accessed by means of a password that we indicate. Important as you can imagine, this is a very useful security system if we do not want the rest of the users to have free access to some functions and content that we have stored in Kodi.

keep in mind that from this application we can create and manage our own content libraries. In addition, we find a multitude of functions to handle these, in addition to reproducing the files that we have stored. Hence precisely the importance of activating this function.

Items to lock with the security function

As we have mentioned, there are several sections that we can control and block belonging to Kodi just by activating this functionality. First of all, it should be noted that we have the ability to deny access to the audio windows, video, images or programs. As you can imagine, this means that other users cannot use our content without us having provided the password.

But for greater security we can also independently block the browser integrated in the multimedia center, or its settings. We can also deny access to the accessories or add-ons that we have installed.

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