Protect yourself from ransomware with this free program from 360 Total Security

Unfortunately, over the years, many of us have seen how certain types of malicious code have spread throughout the world. At the moment one of the most common as well as dangerous is ransomware, although we can always use specific solutions like the one it offers us 360 Total Security.

It is very possible that many of you already know first-hand that a good part of the current malicious code is responsible for infect our computer. The objective of these can be the most varied, from obtaining own and personal data, through installing unwanted software, or displaying all kinds of annoying ads. But at the same time, what the aforementioned ransomware-type malware tries to do is hijack our PC in its entirety while waiting for us to pay a ransom. Obviously this can become a serious problem both on our PC at home and at work.

from there precisely the importance of backups which we have told you so many times. At the same time, one of the big problems that this type of attack offers us is that, even paying that ransom, many times we do not recover control of the computer. It is precisely for all this that many current antiviruses offer us functions to protect us against this type of malicious code. But in this case we are going to go one step further and we are going to talk about a free security solution for it.

This is presented to us by the firm specialized in this type of software, 360 Total Security. In this way we will have the possibility to protect our computer and data against a ransomware attack in a more effective way.

Avoid ransomware with this 360 Total Security program

Specifically, we are referring to an independent application that we can download and install on our computer at no cost. It is known as 360 Document Protector and it is a program specially focused on protecting our documentation against these attacks. The first thing that we are going to mention here is that after downloading and installing it on our computer, we find an intuitive user interface.

From here we will have the possibility, as its name suggests, of protect our most private documents from this type of attack and personal. In this way, the application focuses on the protection of the most popular file extensions, such as PDFs or those belonging to the Microsoft Office suite. With all this, what we achieve is that some malware of this type cannot hijack these own documents.

document protector 360 Total Security

In fact, we find a button that directly proposes to delete the document encryption that we select And that is what this type of malware usually does so that we cannot access our files. Therefore, from here we release them directly from the application. As they say, prevention is better than cure. Thus, 360 Document Protector also allows us to carry out a backup of those files that we want directly from here.

It is also worth knowing that this is a program that is active in the background, so it is always on the lookout. Likewise, we have the possibility configure the application through the button located in the upper right corner. Here we can establish the disk path of the backups, or the file formats that we want to recover.

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