Protests in Cuba: Regime stops opponents

Havana experienced a climate of tension yesterday with a strong police presence in some streets, waiting for the “outlawed” march summoned in demand of a political change.

In a television intervention, the Foreign Minister of Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez, qualified as a “operation failed” the summons.

Until 5:00 p.m. (local time), no groups of protesters were observed in the streets or videos of major protests in other cities of the country, despite the fact that many Cubans had expressed their intention to go out en masse to demand their rights.

Except for last-minute surprises, the most abundant target was that of the numerous police vehicles that patrolled the avenues and streets of Havana. Nevertheless, opposition activists they denounced arrests, house arrests and other intimidation, such as acts of repudiation.

Meanwhile, several dozen people gathered at a “rally” in front of the home in Santa Clara of the Archipelago activist, Saily González, as she herself denounced in networks.

Meanwhile, the foreign minister reiterated his accusation to the US government of having orchestrated the campaign in favor of the Civic March for Change, an initiative created by a group of young Cubans unhappy with the single-party system and centralized economy in force for six decades.


Protests were planned in about a hundred cities around the world in support of this march.

Cubans Residents in Italian cities such as Rome, Naples or Florence demonstrated dressed in white, to ask for freedom.

On Miami and Dominican Republic They supported the day in which they denounced the “militarization” of Cuba and asserted that “the regime is scared”, because the seed of freedom has taken hold among the new generations.

Also, near 200 opponents they concentrated in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid against the “dictatorship” on the island, in favor of “freedom” and to demand a political change.



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