“Proud of his roots”: the Mexican boy who died at the Travis Scott concert

Axel Acosta, 21, was the last to be identified among the eight people who died at the festival Astroworld, during the rapper’s performance Travis Scott.

The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences released a photo of the young man on Saturday, so that the body was identified. His family began looking for him after the people who stayed at the same place as Alex told them that he had not arrived.

Edgar Acosta, Axel’s father, told The Washington Post that when he saw the image he thought that his son might be sleeping or in a hospital, he also wished he was wrong, “but he knew it was him.”

A spokeswoman for the Institute of Forensic Sciences indicated that the cause of death of the victims has not yet been determined and it will take several weeks for the analysis to reach a conclusion in this regard.

The Acosta family has indicated that her son died of suffocation, after the crowd pushed them. Tony Buzbee, the family’s legal representative, indicated that the young man ran out of air, “Acosta was left on the ground and was stepped on by other people tried to escape the site”.

The lawyer shared with the same media that he knows part of the circumstances of Axel’s death from the videos released and one that they recovered from the young man’s cell phone.

Likewise, it will file a lawsuit on behalf of 35 people against the organizers, promoters of the event and NRG Park. Among what is alleged is that it was a “badly planned” event, it also includes Travis Scott for “encouraging rebellious behavior and inciting chaos.”

The family hopes the lawsuit will change the way events are organized. There were 50 thousand people who attended the festival that was hosted by the NRG Park.

Who was Alex Acosta?

The boy was born in Stockton, California and raised in Washington. Meanwhile, he was studying Computer Science at Western Washington University.

Alex, who had turned 21 weeks earlier, traveled alone from Washington to Houston in order to attend the Travis Scott concert. “It was the first time I was going to an event like that“Cynthia Acosta, the victim’s aunt, told The Washington Post.

One of his goals was to get to know Mexico City, the place where his grandparents came from, to try the dishes that were his favorites.

Cynthia also described him as “a tender and loving person,” while her father said that he was a shy and studious young man, “who was proud of his Mexican roots.


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