PS VR2: this is what the PS5 VR headset user experience will look like

The PS VR2, the next virtual reality headset for the PS5, is gradually being revealed. Indeed, Sony has just delivered a first glimpse of the PS VR 2 user experience, such as the new transparent view, the streaming option, or the VR and cinematic modes. We take stock.

Credits: Sony

With the PS4, Sony entered the virtual reality market, its very first virtual reality headset. Far from offering performance equivalent to its counterparts available on PC such as the HTC Vive, the PS VR has nevertheless imposed itself thanks to an unbeatable quality/price ratio, since the device was available for under 500 euros.

In fact and thanks to the gigantic park of PS4, the Japanese manufacturer has managed to sell no less than 5 million copies of PS VR. A great performance, which foreshadowed the development of a second iteration. Sony finally confirmed the news in February 2021, ensuring that a PS VR2 for the PS5 was in production.

After unveiling the design of the PS VR2 at CES 2022, the Japanese firm has since accelerated its communication around its next virtual reality headset. In May 2022, Sony announced that more than 20 games will be available at launch, for now expected at an as yet unknown date.

However, via a new blog post on the Playstation Blog, Sony just gave the first details on the PS VR2 user experience. “Preparations for the release of Playstation VR 2 are in full swing, and we can’t wait for you to discover the new games and experiences you can enjoy with our next-generation virtual reality headset.” writes Sony.

psvr2 user experience
Credits: Sony

Sony delivers first details on PS VR2 user experience

First, we start with the transparent view, which will allow you to see your surroundings while wearing the headset. Convenient for getting your bearings or getting your hands on PS VR2 Sense controllers. Then, and this will please the streamers, it will be possible to film yourself during your sessions in virtual realityprovided you connect a PS5 HD camera to the console.

Another interesting point, it will also be possible to customize PS VR2 game space using PS VR2 Sense controllers and built-in cameras. In other words, you can extend or restrict the play area as desired, practical for small rooms for example. In game, if the player gets close to the configured limit, he will receive a warning notification. Be careful however, logically, these settings will be lost if you change the playing area (if you bring your headset to a friend’s house for example).

psvr2 user experience
Credits: Sony

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PS VR2 VR and Cinematic modes

Finally, Sony talked about VR mode and Cinematic mode. The first will obviously be dedicated to gaming, and will allow you to enjoy its 360° VR games in video format. 4000X2040 HDR (2000 x 2040 per eye), all in 90Hz/120Hz.

As for the Cinematic mode, it will display the interface of the PS5 as well as all non-VR media and games on a “virtual cinema screen” in Full HD HDR video format and with frame rates between 24 and 120 Hz.

For now, unfortunately, we will have to wait a while longer to know the release date of PS VR2. Nevertheless, Sony assures that it will provide additional information to developers soon, including the launch date and additional compatible games.

psvr2 user experience
Credits: Sony

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