PS3 peripherals and older laptops like PSP could be compatible with PS5

A Sony patent points directly to the creation of a compatibility system for PS5 with old peripherals of consoles like PS3, and even with laptops like PSP Goand the truth is that this patent makes more sense than ever after the arrival of numerous games from previous generation consoles, such as PS3, to the new PlayStation Plus modalities.

Introducing compatibility with PS3 peripherals on PS5, and also with PSP Go, means that it would be possible to enjoy games from Sony’s veteran console on the new generation model using the original peripheralsincluding the DualShock, the Sony Media Remote, PlayStation Eye, a PlayStation Move and also a memory card.

the pieces fit. The recent arrival of some of the most important PS3 games in the new PlayStation Plus Premium mode and this patent focused on the compatibility of the peripherals of said console with PS5 cannot be a coincidence. However, we still do not have official information from Sony, so we do not know if the company has really been working to support these peripherals for some time or how exactly it plans to achieve it.

The latter is precisely a very interesting topic, since Sony offers the possibility of playing PS1 and PS2 through emulation through PlayStation Plus, but in the case of PS3, the console is so difficult to emulate that It can only be played via streaming. Supporting console peripherals when streaming can be quite tricky. However, it is possible that this patent is a clue that points to the development of a PS3 emulator.

More PSP games on PS5?

This is what the presence of said console in this patent seems to indicate. When we saw the list of retro games that were going to come to PS5 through the PlayStation Plus Premium service we realized that there was one for PSP, Super Stardust Portable. However, that game was also available on PS3 and PS4, so we didn’t give it much thought.

Now that we have seen PSP listed as a possible “peripheral” compatible with PS5 in this patent, things change, and it is possible that Sony end up expanding the catalog of games for that console available for PS5 through PlayStation Plus Premium.

We will be attentive to see what is all this. In any case, Sony still has an important account pending, improve PS5 availability so that it is possible to buy it normally, without waiting and without having to assume crazy prices. This normalization will take place between 2023 and 2024, according to the Japanese company, so be patient.

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