PS4, PS5: Sony discreetly withdraws a PlayStation Now offer to make room for PlayStation Plus

Following the announcement of the new PlayStation Plus, Sony hastily withdrew the annual subscription to PlayStation Now, without telling anyone. The reason seems obvious: while PS Now subscribers will be able to switch to the Essential offer of PS Plus at no additional cost, they will therefore have transitioned from a subscription at €59.99/year to €119, €99/year. .

Credits: Sony

Last week, Sony lifted the lid on the future of its PlayStation Plus. As expected, the Japanese firm has Microsoft, and especially its Xbox Game Pass, in the sights. In fact, these are three new offers which will be offered by next June: Essential, Extra and Premium. The little twist being that the PlayStation Now will be absorbedr by this new service by directly integrating the most expensive offer, which will therefore allow streaming of several hundred games from any device.

However, Sony does not forget current users of PlayStation Now and has promised that they will be able to switch no additional cost to a PlayStation Plus subscription. Theoretically, it’s a very good market for those concerned, especially when comparing annual subscriptions. While they are currently only paying €59.99/yearplayers will upgrade for free to a subscription to €119.99/year. Also, many of them have smelled the right vein and have urgently subscribed to the PlayStation Now year-round offer.

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It is no longer possible to subscribe to the annual PlayStation Now subscription

But Sony is not fooled and has also reacted. Counting from today, it is no longer possible to subscribe to PlayStation Now for the year, since the offer has simply disappeared from the official console store. Only the monthly subscription remains, €8.99/month. A decision taken in complete silence at Sony, although all in all quite predictable.

For now, the way players will be able to enjoy PlayStation Plus Premium is still quite blurry. Sony does not specify if this only concerns the first month to the final subscription. A source of concern in some players who could find themselves paying twice as much to be able to take advantage of the streaming service.

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