PS4 runs out of Horizon Forbidden West DLC, why?

Horizon Forbidden West will receive on April 19 a DLC called Burning Shores. In this new adventure, Aloy will travel to a volcanic archipelago that used to be Los Angeles, and it will be there where a new threat makes things difficult for her. However, it will not be a story that is available to everyone. Unfortunately PS4 players will be left without it.

The Forbidden DLC

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores

After enjoying the original game and its sequel, PlayStation 4 users should say goodbye forever to Aloy. The console will not receive new downloadable content, so the only way to continue playing the new storyline will be from a PS5.

A game without limitations

In an article published on the Official PlayStation Blog, Game Director Mathijs de Jonge explains the myriad advantages they have been able to enjoy at the development level working exclusively on PS5. The jump in terms of graphics and performance will be obvious compared to PS4, however, the DLC will also mean a change for the better compared to the PS5 version of Forbidden West, since they have been able to focus exclusively on the PS5 version.

So, for example, the modeling of Aloy will have new lighting effects that were previously only present in cinematics, and that will now be activated at all times. Also, the level of detail has been raised enormously, since now they have not had to think about optimizing things for PS4. This freedom has allowed the game to look the way they really wanted, hence the PS4 version has been canceled forever.

Amazing speed and visuals

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores

Taking advantage of the speed of the PS5 SSD and the graphic power, in Burning Shores we will have quite demanding combats where the number of textures and physics present in the scene require a large amount of memory and processing speed. This is unthinkable on PS4, so it’s yet another example that PS5 exclusivity allows for better gameplay.

Is the life of PS4 over?

Although PS4 still has a lot to take advantage of, it is clear that this absence is a bucket of cold water for those who still thought that their console was going to bring them joy. The generational leap is already more than assumed, and after overcoming stock problems and already with units in stores, PS5 has been setting the course to follow for months. Perhaps, PS4 piracy is just what keeps many users hooked on the platform, but this is only a matter of time, since, after two years on the market, there is no one who can resist a PS5.

Fountain: PlayStation Blog

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