PS5 compatible 1440p, Tesla no longer offers GPS for life, this is the recap

Sony is rolling out an update for the PlayStation 5 making the console compatible with 1440p definition. Tesla announces the end of free lifetime standard connectivity, which includes the GPS function for all new buyers of a new or used car. And the Council of State gives a favorable opinion on the monitoring of social networks by the FISC. This is the recap of July 28, 2022.

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The day of July 28, 2022 was marked by a historic first: Facebook saw its revenues drop in the second quarter of 2022. The decline is not very strong, since it is “only” 1%. But it is obviously enough to worry investors. The firm continues to make a good living, as it announces $28.8 billion in revenue between April and June 2022. But this may be a harbinger. Here are the three other pieces of information that also marked the day.

PlayStation 5 is finally 1440p compatible thanks to an update

Sony begins the deployment of an update for the PlayStation 5. An update that brings several new features, including compatibility with Quad HD definition, or 1440p. This image size therefore comes in addition to the very classic 4K, 1080p and 720p. This will allow some players, whose equipment does not accept 4K, to significantly increase the definition of the image. More features are included in this update. Click on the link below to discover them.

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The standard Connectivity offered for life with the Tesla, it’s over!

Tesla announces the end of the free lifetime option Standard connectivity of his cars. This option allows the car to access the Internet in 4G to retrieve real-time information that is very useful for GPS navigation. Until now, it was offered for the entire life of the car. It will now have a duration limit of eight years from the first day of registration of the car. Beyond that, Tesla owners will have to pay Premium Connectivity subscription or go without connectivity. An important detail for those who prefer to turn to second-hand. Note that this is for new buyers only.

More details : Tesla ends free lifetime GPS features

The IRS can monitor social networks, it’s confirmed

Since 2019, the tax administration has been experimenting with social media monitoring to collect useful information to prosecute taxpayers who “forget” to declare certain assets. This measure, integrated into the 2020 finance law, has been widely controversial. Some associations seized the Council of State in 2021 to denounce this practice qualified as liberticide. On July 22, 2022, the members of this board confirmed the legality of the measure. It could be definitively made permanent before the end of the year.

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