PS5 gets a lot thinner, Windows 11 Explorer gets better, this is the recap

A PS5 that is only 2 cm thick, Samsung is trying to remove the fold from its smartphones, Windows 11 Explorer uses less RAM despite the appearance of tabs, this is the recap of the day before.

If you missed yesterday’s news, here is a summary of the most important news. You will discover in particular how a YouTuber managed to design a PS2 only 2 cm thick and using water cooling. At the same time, Windows 11 Explorer gains tabs, without necessarily being more greedy in terms of RAM consumption. Finally, Samsung is for its part trying to reduce the folding of its future Galaxy Z Fold 4. Come on, let’s go for the summary of the day of June 20, 2022.

The PS5 is on a slimming cure

If the PS5 now benefits from a beautiful toy library and meets the success expected by Sony, it is clear that the console is rather bulky and not very discreet in the living room. Some criticize it for its overweight and its strange design, which does not allow it to be placed anywhere in the living room. But now a YouTuber has set himself the goal of making a PS5 version of it, and cooling its components using a Watercooling system. Successful bet ? We let you discover that in the article dedicated to this amazing idea, which should appeal to all players who don’t have much space in their living room.

A PS5 Slim only 2 cm thick, it exists, the proof in video!

Windows 11 Explorer tabs aren’t as greedy as they seem

This is one of the big new features of the new version of Windows 11: File Explorer has a tabbed browsing function. What to find there more easily when you tend to open tons of folders and subfolders. But one big question remained: does this new way of browsing require more RAM?

Windows 11: the new file explorer is much less greedy in RAM than before

Samsung wants to eliminate the crease of its foldable smartphones

Only a few more weeks to wait before the launch of Samsung’s new foldable, namely the Galaxy Z Fold 4. If the previous iterations have often been criticized for their fold a little too apparent, it seems that the South Korean manufacturer has reworked its copy. As new visuals that leaked before the official presentation of the Z Fold 4 show, the new edition of the smartphone benefits from a much more discreet mechanism. Will Samsung do as well as Oppo’s Find N in this area? Answer this summer.

Galaxy Z Fold 4: Samsung has reduced the fold of the smartphone, but it is still visible

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