PS5 Pro will arrive in 2024, according to trusted internal sources

We have been very busy for a few weeks and full of important contradictions about the possible launch, or not, of PS5 Pro. Just yesterday we saw information that assured that Mark Cerny will be in charge of the PS6 hardware, and that Sony He was going to focus all his efforts on said consolewhich would mean the cancellation of PS5 Pro. This made sense, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Today, curiously, we find ourselves with information that points in the opposite directionand which states that Sony will not only launch a PS5 Pro, but that it is very close, and that it will arrive at the end of 2024. The source of this information is Tom Henderson, one of the best known and most reliable Insiders of the moment, who has been able to consult sources within the industry to confirm unofficially that PS5 Pro it will be a reality very soon.

One of the sources they consulted told them that the PS5 review with removable optical drive, scheduled for release later this year, is just the beginning of the new PlayStation-focused hardware to come. The Pro version of said console would be Sony’s next big move, and it could force Microsoft to release an improved version of Xbox Series X.

PS5 Pro

It is important to make it clear once again that there is nothing confirmedand that seeing how contradictory the latest information is being, we must take it with great caution, although not all sources have the same credibility, obviously, and the one we are giving you today has greater credibility than previous ones.

If Sony decides to launch a PS5 Pro at the end of next year, that model could position itself as a premium alternative to the standard modeland it would serve as a bridge to link until the launch of PS6 in 2028, since it would allow the Japanese company fill a gap that could lead the most demanding users to stop the PC if they do not have an alternative on consoles that offers them better performance. I am not speaking without reason, this has already happened with PS4 Pro.

Regarding the configuration of PS5 Pro, last year we already published an article delving into the things that said console should have, so I invite you to take a look if you did not have the opportunity to read it at the time. Making a simplified summary, the evolution of this against PS5 should be similar to that marked by PS4 Pro against PS4, which means you can expect a slightly faster CPU, but not with more cores or based on a different architecture, a much more powerful GPU, a larger capacity SSD, and more free unified memory for games.

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