PS5 Slim could arrive this year, a retailer has already listed it

A major Australian retailer in that country has listed the new PS5 Slim, a version of the well-known Sony console that has been the subject of numerous rumors, and that this store has described as “the thinnest PS5 with a new design”. These are precisely the two most obvious changes that the Slim versions usually bring.

In the attached image we can see the complete description of the list that the store “The Good Guys” has made. No image appears, and it is clear that it is a provisional list that has been placed as “filler”, so could be subject to changes in the futurebut it is also evident that this has not been done by chance, and that there is a good reason behind this listing.

For a long time we have been seeing a lot of information that points to the launch of a new version of the Sony console. We saw rumors that pointed to a model with a removable optical drive, and information has also appeared that talks about a possible PS5 Slim, but in the end it is most likely that both are pointing to the same console, since it does not make any sense to think that Sony can launch two different versions.

We know that PS5 Slim will have a new design and that it will be smaller than PS5. We are also clear that will use an APU in a more advanced node to reduce consumption and the heat generated, and also to optimize at the cost level. These changes will allow Sony to simplify the cooling system, which will also have a positive impact on manufacturing costs. Putting all this together, the selling price of this new console should be quite a bit lower, because it will cost less to make.

It’s also rumored that the PS5 Slim won’t need a kickstand to stand upright, though we still don’t have an official release date confirmed, and no details on a possible retail price. However, the most reliable rumors indicate that it could arrive between the end of this year and the middle of next year, and that its price it will be 100 euros lower than that of PS5.

If this is confirmed, and in the event that Sony limits itself to launching a single version of PS5 Slim based on that removable optical drive idea, the price should be 449 euros in the pack that includes said optical unit, and 349 euros in the event that there is an option without the optical drive. Keep in mind that what I just told you is based on all the leaks and rumors that have appeared, and that it is not officially confirmed.

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