PS5: soon better in-game performance thanks to this feature

Sony has just released the latest firmware updates for the PS4 and PS5. At the same time, the manufacturer announced on the Playstation Blog the upcoming arrival of a new feature: the VRR or variable refresh rate.

Credits: Sony

Sony just rolled out a brand new firmware update for the PS4 and PS5. This update brings minor improvements, especially on the Party chat side. Now, players on PS4 and PS5 will have the option to choose whether to open or close their party to other players. In other words, either you let all your friends join your chat without an invitation, or you restrict access.

Note that this feature is only accessible to those running the PS5 or PS4 system software beta. From the voice chat, it becomes possible to start a shared game. Fact, you no longer need to start screen sharing to use this feature. Another significant novelty is the possibility of individually modifying the volume of each participant in the party. Handy if one of your gaming partners is used to yelling into their microphone.

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ps5 ps4 update
Credits: Sony

The PS5 will soon welcome the VRR

The PS5 interface also benefits from some changes. From now on, the player is able to filter his collection of games by genre, in order to find your shooting, racing or fighting games more quickly, for example. In addition, it is now possible to select the games and applications that you want to keep on your home screen by selecting “Keep on home screen” with the Options key. Note also that the interface now accommodates a total of 14 games and applications on the home screen. The Playstation application also benefits from some alterations. Players can now join a Party from the app, while the interface now resembles that of the PS5. A dark mode is also in the game.

Let’s conclude with the important announcement made by Sony: the upcoming arrival of variable refresh rate or VRR. On HDMI 2.1 compatible screens and televisions, this technology will dynamically synchronize the refresh rate of the display to the video output of the PS5 console. In other words, you will be able to enjoy better graphics performance since visual artifacts like image tearing or frame rate issues will be reduced or eliminated.

Fact, your games will be smoother and crisper. According to Sony, all PS5 games released to date will be fully optimized for VRR via a patch. As for upcoming titles, they “should” support VRR as soon as they launch. Be careful however, be aware that a breakdown is currently affecting the PSN and online multiplayer, many players suspect the update to be the cause of these problems.

ps5 ps4 update
Credits: Sony

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