PS5 still at war with scalpers, 11 Android applications to uninstall urgently, this is the recap ‘of the week

The Samsung Galaxy S22 sold at half price, Sony finds a way to counter scalpers, Android applications try to collect some of your data, this is the recap of the week.

The giants Samsung, Apple, Google and Sony have been talking about them again in recent days! While scalpers should now have difficulty reselling the PS5 at exorbitant prices, the Galaxy S22 sees its price halved and Apple’s monthly subscription is revealed more and more. This week, we also tell you how this Playstation gamer avoided death thanks to his Razer headset and we warn you about 11 malicious Android apps that could put your personal data at risk.

Samsung adapts the price of the Galaxy S22 to its restrained performance

A few weeks ago, we learned that Samsung was voluntarily limiting the performance of its smartphones in order to save money. Unfortunately for the Korean giant, it didn’t go unnoticed and the Korea Times reports that the controversy prompted Samsung to split the price of its Galaxy S22 in half to limit damage and save sales. This price reduction only concerns South Korea for the moment and we do not yet know if Europe will have the same chance.

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Saved by his Razer headset

As he reports on Reddit, Jonathan Gonzalez of Torrance narrowly escaped death. While he was playing on his network Playstation with his friends, the young man was the target of a stray bullet. Luckily for him, the bullet was deflected by the metal part of his Razer headset. Excellent advertising for the headsets of the Singaporean gaming brand, whose quality is well established.

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Credit: Reddit

Scalpers will no longer be able to resell the PS5 for gold

Bad news for scalpers! Sony seems to have found a trick to prevent them from reselling second-hand PS5s at exorbitant prices. Indeed, the manufacturer has planned to place labels on the opening of the console box, so that it tears from the first use. Thus, scalpers will no longer be able to cheat, the boxes being damaged as soon as they are opened.

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11 Android applications to uninstall as soon as possible!

A team of computer security researchers from AppCensus has just identified 11 malicious Android applications whose sole purpose is to collect your personal data, namely your e-mail addresses, your telephone numbers or your GPS data. Go to our dedicated news to discover the 11 applications concerned and unfortunately already downloaded more than 60 million times.

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Credits: Pixabay

What do we know about the Apple subscription?

Apple subscriptions could arrive sooner than expected according to journalist Mark Gurman. Indeed, from the end of the year or the beginning of 2023, the American giant could allow its users to take advantage of a rental program and thus change smartphone model each year. To benefit from this new form of subscription, you will have to pay 35 dollars per month for an iPhone 14, 45 dollars per month for an iPhone 14 Pro, and 50 dollars per month iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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Our tests of the week

The Vivo Y76 5G is durable but a little expensive

The Y76 5G seduced us thanks to its impeccable autonomy, its Funtouch OS interface and its accessories included in the box, in particular the headphones. That being said, for 349 euros, we were disappointed with the IPS screen, the really average performance and the mono speaker. An average quality / price ratio that will struggle to compete with some competitors such as the Realme 9 Pro +.

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Huawei Matebook E overshadows Microsoft’s Surface Pro

Huawei takes up the challenge of offering a serious competitor to Microsoft’s Surface Pro with its Matebook E. We love its OLED screen, its autonomy, and the ideal format for watching movies or series wherever you are. A few details, however, to perfect the product: the keyboard and the rear foot can both be improved, the power is a little limited, and we regret the lack of storage for the stylus and the single USB Type-C port.

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