PS5: the anti-Xbox Game Pass subscription soon announced?

According to several specialist journalists, Sony is quietly starting to withdraw Playstation Now gift cards from stores. What to stir up suspicion, after previous rumors concerning the launch of a new subscription responding to the code name Spartacus.

playstation now alternative
Credit: Sony

Since its launch in June 2017, the Xbox Game Pass has been the envy of people. It must be said that with its ambitions to develop Netflix for video games, Microsoft has done a lot by offering a new concept in the video game industry. For its part, Playstation has tried to respond with the Playstation Now, its cloud gaming service which allows in particular to access PS4 and PS3 titles in streaming.

Only the sauce never really took, and Sony’s offer never reached Game Pass popularity. It must be said that Microsoft’s service has arguments that are sorely lacking in PS Now, starting with a comprehensive and varied catalog, the presence of recent games from their launch, all for an unbeatable price.

Is Sony preparing the ground for Spartacus?

In December 2021, the first rumors claim that Sony is preparing its response, its competitor to Xbox Game Pass. Responding to code name Spartacus, this new subscription would represent a merger between Playstation Plus and Playstation Now. It would be made up of three distinct formulas:

  • The first would offer the same advantages as the Playstation Plus (possibility of playing online, exclusive discounts in the store and games offered every month)
  • A second would offer a large catalog of PS4 and possibly PS5 games
  • The third, which promises to be the most expensive, would provide access to a large library of PS1, PS2, PS3, Ps4 and PS5 games, extensive demos of recent titles, and game streaming.

Sony has not yet confirmed the existence of Spartacus. Still, the actions of the manufacturer are suspect. Indeed, Sony has discreetly started removing Playstation Now gift cards from stores in the UK. In any case, this is what our colleagues from VentureBeat.

According to renowned journalist Jason Schreier, the same recall is underway in the United States. According to Sony, the manufacturer simply wants focus sales on Playstation gift cards, which also allow you to acquire months of subscription to PS Now. It is still difficult to readily believe the version of Sony, especially after the previous revelations concerning the “Spartacus” subscription.

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