PS5: this new Sony patent imagines “What if” replays

The principle of the Disney+ and Marvel animated series “What if” is simple: to offer alternative realities of MCU films. Sony has decided to take this idea and apply it to a revolutionary replay function. We will explain everything to you.

Sony patent replays what if
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If you’re a Marvel fan subscribed to Disney+, you probably devoured the first season of what if. This animated series exploits the concept of multiverse to 100%, by proposing alternate realities of the various films of the MCU. What would have happened if Peggy Carter had become Captain America instead of Steve Rogers? If Ultron had collected all the Infinity Stones instead of Thanos? If the Avengers had to face a zombie apocalypse?

Here are some of the alternate realities offered by the series. Gold, this idea obviously inspired Sony, who decided to include it in a rather revolutionary replay functionas evidenced by this patent application.

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Sony patent replays what if
Credits: Sony

Sony imagines revolutionary replays à la What If

Thanks to an AI boosted with machine learning and able to collect and analyze the performance of all the players present in a game, this feature could offer multiple replays according to different scenarios. What would have happened if you had decided to take this sniper rifle instead of a shotgun? If you had gone through this cornice rather than this large open area? If you had dodged this attack by rolling forward rather than backward? You get the idea.

This surreal feature could have a strong utility in the competitive spheresince it would allow players to analyze different gameplay patterns and get areas for improvement potential in their way of apprehending a circuit, a confrontation, etc. Of course, and like every patent application, nothing says that this option will see the light of day. Sony was just content to protect its idea with this patent.

In January 2022, Sony had also filed a patent application for a similar concept, materialized by a coaching system capable of explaining to players the errors made during a game. On the other hand, this patent did not mention this system of replays of another kind. In April 2020, the manufacturer also imagined an anti-spoiler function for the PS5.

Source : United States Patent and Trademark Office

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