PS5: this Youtubeur made an adapter to play with one hand

If Microsoft has been offering adaptive controllers for people with reduced mobility for several years now, players are still waiting for Sony alternatives on the Playstation. Never mind, a YouTuber has created an accessory that allows you to use the DualSense of the PS5 with one hand! This adapter was created using a 3D printer.

dualsense accessory
Credit: Akaki Kuumeri

For several years now, Microsoft has always worked to make video games as accessible as possible, especially to people with reduced mobility. In 2018, for example, the American company launched its Xbox One adaptive controller, which allows players with disabilities to play more easily.

On this ground, Sony is very late. If the accessibility options are numerous in the first party games of the Japanese giant, like The Last Of Us 2 for example, we are still waiting for the manufacturer offers controllers adapted for this audience.

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This Youtuber finds a way to use the DualSense with one hand

Never mind, YouTuber Akaki Kuumeri has decided to take the lead. Thanks to a 3D printer, the videographer imagined, then manufactured an adapter to be able to use the DualSense, the controller of the PS5, with one hand ! With this accessory, the player is able to access all of the controller commands, whether it is the triggers, the directional cross and the touchpad, on the right or left side only. For the directional cross however, it will be necessary to install a second adapter, which it must be admitted makes the DualSense rather cumbersome.

As you can see in its demonstration video, you will have to put the controller on uhard and level surface to get the most out of the accessory. Indeed, a snap-on adapter allows you to operate the analog stick of your choice by moving the entire joystick, via a balance system which goes from bottom to top, and from left to right.

And as said before, Akaki Kuumeri developed this accessory with a 3D printer. Rather than trying to market the thing, he shared the plans of his creation on the site Prusa Printers. You are free to download them if you want to design this adapter for the DualSense yourself. The first feedback from users is very positive and confirms that the device works as promised.

Source: TheGamer

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