PS5, Xbox or Nintendo Switch gifts that come to you for Kings

If you want to give a gift to a video game fan, but you don’t know what title you can give away, the best thing you can do is make use of the accessorys. Although you can always give a Game Pass or a gift card, accessories are an ideal gift that will improve the experience with the game console a bit. In this top we show you what are the best gifts we would like to receive these Three Wise Men of every console on the market. Let’s go there:

Gift ideas for Nintendo Switch

These gift proposals for the Switch are perfect and arrive in for your Kings.

Joy-Con Charging Stand

We will never understand why Nintendo decided not to put plastic support loading system that allows you to play with the Joy-Con in a more ergonomic way. And the truth is that it is a bit tedious to have to disconnect them from the base to put them back in the console and recharge. Fortunately, the product you are looking for exists, and it is totally official.

Animal Crossing protective cover

There are hundreds of protective cases for the Nintendo Switch, and they are very useful accessories for prevent the console from being damaged when we move it from one place to another. You must choose one model or another depending on the number of accessories and cards you want to store. The one we like the most is Animal Crossing, which has a gorgeous minimalist design.

However, if you need a larger carry bag, you can get this other model:

Joy-con Charging Base

If you have multiple pairs of Joy-Con, you can choose to gift one charging base. This model allows charge two pairs at the same time, which added to the couple more that you can recharge directly on the console, will allow your controls to regain energy as quickly as possible to go for the next game.

Gift ideas for Xbox Series S / X

Are you going to gift someone with an Xbox Series S or Series X? These are our last minute proposals.

Xbox Series X reviews

OIVO Controller Charger

Being stranded in the middle of a game because your Xbox controller has run out of battery is a situation that nobody likes. Much less if you play online. You could connect the wired controller to the console, but it is much better to have the controls always ready with a charging base. When we finish playing, we will put the controller on top and it will be fully charged for the next tainted one. This model allows to load two controllers at the same time and is compatible with Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One.

Seagate Expansion Card 1 TB

It is normal that the internal memory of the console falls short when you see the catalog of great games that you can access with the Xbox Game Pass. With this expansion card, you will have 1 more terabyte of space in NVMe SSD format to store games on your Xbox Series S and Series X.

Gift ideas for PS5

The lucky PS5 owners are sure to appreciate some of these gifts from Kings.

OIVO All-in-one ventilation base

With this base you will be able cool your PlayStation 5 from below, you will be able hang up your headphones and recharge a pair of remotes from the console. It is compatible with both the digital version of PS5 and the one with a disc player.

Orzly Accessory PS5 Clip for Smartphone

If you have a busy television or you just want to play a game from your mobile lying on the bed, you can do it thanks to the PlayStation functions Remote play. This clamp will simply allow you the power place your mobile on the DualSense and continue playing the console even in the bathroom. In addition, it has a totally irresistible price.

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