PS5, Xbox Series X, PC: this AI detects toxic behavior of online players

Faced with the growing number of toxic gamers online, a team of developers created GGWP, an artificial intelligence capable of spotting problematic behavior during a game. By analyzing the chat, she gives a rating to all players based on their reactions. According to the creators, a simple line of code is enough to implement it in his game.

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Online gambling can be both great fun anda vision of hell. While it can be galvanizing to confront — or cooperate with — strangers on the other side of the world, you often have to deal with toxic behavior from them. Insults, sexism, racism… the video game has suffered a real gangrene for years, against which it does not seem possible to fight effectively.

On many titles, it is possible to report the toxic behavior of participants, but in reality, moderators and developers often find themselves overwhelmed by the number of reports. Regularly, games like Call of Duty ban a staggering number of players in successive waves, without solving the problem. That’s where it comes in GGWP.

An AI to fight against the toxic behavior of online players

GGWP is an artificial intelligence developed, among others, by Dennis Fong, who notably became known on Doom and Quake. Its operation is relatively simple: by analyzing the voice and text chat of the games, it collects and organizes data on player behavior. She then gives them a score summarizing their level of toxicity.

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GGWP does not impose any sanctions on problem players and prefers to leave it up to the developers to decide their fate. In addition, its creators assure thata simple line of code is enough to integrate the AI to his game. Several streamers and publishers have already shown their support for the project. While Phil Spencer wants to permanently ban toxic gamers from Xbox, it could soon become an essential part of online gaming.

Source: GGWP

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