PUBG Battlegrounds will go Free to Play from 2022

Turning the tables for the first time, it seems that the newly renamed PUBG Battlegrounds will be the one that copies Fortnite this time. From next January 12, 2022, players from all over the world You can play this battle royale for free from all supported platforms.

«As PUBG Battlegrounds pioneered the Battle Royale genre and has become a globally influenced gaming IP, this it’s the perfect time to transition to the Free to Play model and welcome new players”Shared CH KIM, CEO of Krafton in his official statement“The transition to the free model is the next step in our journey to expand the reach of PUBG’s IP through content that will delight both new and veteran players.«.

While now occasional gamers they will be able to access the normal games completely free of charge, they will not have full access to the game. And it is that they will have to pay to be able to access the classified competitive mode. As explained by the developer, this mode will be presented as an optional update of Battlegrounds Plus, under a one-time payment of $ 13 (pending to confirm its price in euros), also offering us access to personalized modes, an increase in experience, game elements and other advantages.

Also, as you might imagine, this it will not change the current micropayment model already in place inside the game. However, given the large difference from the original price of the title, those who have already paid for the game before this change, will get access to Battlegrounds Plus and other additional gifts without the need to make any additional payment.

Although PUBG Battlegrounds unfortunately does not have the popularity of Fortnite or Call of Duty, the game still has a large community, with more than 75 million copies sold throughout its five years of life, accumulating only on Steam and during last month an average of more than 150,000 simultaneous players. A popularity that is expected to increase significantly after the change to the new free access model.

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