PULSE 3D Wireless Headphones for PS5 on sale!

Good headphones with great positioning are always appreciated, especially if apart from doing their role in gaming we use them to listen to music or talk with our friends or family. SONY wanted to take a very similar approach to its PULSE 3D, since as we will see and explain below they are more than competent wireless headphones.

SONY PULSE 3D, to match your PS5 and at the best price

As we well know, these headphones are wireless, something that SONY has taken into account to achieve a complete experience on its console. The brand ensures that these headphones offer the best experience for said console based on a fluid wireless experience, with 3D audio and with a series of interesting features.

The most interesting thing without a doubt is its 3D Audio technology, which is based at the same time on the Tempest technology that we already talked about at the time. Basically what SONY has done is take a chip by hardware and provide it with acceleration and positioning, in theory, 7.1 virtual (only two speakers). Something similar to Dolby Atmos 3D, but simulated.

Although it is a technology that continues to evolve SONY and is being implemented in more and more games, it is currently only available for headphones, where these PULSE 3D logically they support it. Changing third, we are facing wireless headphones with a double microphone, which are hidden and guarantee that they hear us clearly and clearly, since they have noise cancellation.

Controls, multiplatform and ergonomics

We are talking of course about very comfortable headphones, with an adjustable headband, large memory foam pads and of course manual controls in the atria. Comfort and simplicity are guaranteed, since we can increase or decrease the volume, cancel the microphone or connect them with 3.5mm jack to the console or device.

It has a wireless adapter to use them on PC or Mac, so we will have wide compatibility with both smartphones and the king of gaming platform. Until now, these PULSE 3D have been selling at an official price of 99.99 euros, but now SONY and Amazon have lowered them to the 81.98 euros, a discount of 18%, so they are still a better option than before and make their performance / price ratio profitable.

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