Pure PowerShell or Legacy Console, when to use each?

The graphical interface offered by an operating system like Windows meets the needs of most users. However, in certain circumstances or for those who want to go one step further, tools like PowerShell They help you greatly.

We can say that this tool is the successor for the better of the popular CMD or command prompt window. Many users make use of both elements in order to work on the Microsoft operating system through commands. As you can imagine, the knowledge here must be superior to the usual use of the Graphic interface. But at the same time, on many occasions, they allow us to get the most out of the system through the use of the aforementioned commands, in addition to programming and scripting.

powershell window

As we mentioned, the appearance of PowerShell in Windows was an important advance with respect to the CMD. This allows us to have much more control over the system and carry out more advanced tasks if we need it. To access this specific application, all we have to do is write its name in the search box of the operating system. At that time we will meet your popular blue window so we can start work on command.

In turn, here we are going to find some interesting parameters that allow us to configure the tool and thus use it more efficiently. For all this we only have to click on the PowerShell icon in the upper left corner to access the Properties section. Among the tabs that are located here, we find a call Options where can we activate the so-called Legacy Console. Next, we will see what it is and what its usefulness is.

What is the Legacy Console in PowerShell

In the aforementioned tab that we discussed, we find a selector that we can activate in order to use the Legacy Console here from that moment on. This is something that will become effective after reset windows tool. Well, the first thing we need to know here is that this item is actually a compatibility tool. It was designed in order to facilitate the work of users who use previous versions of the tools and command line projects in Windows 10.

powershell legacy console

This means that if we want use old content in current PowerShell of Windows 10, it is recommended enable this option from the Legacy Console. This will allow us to continue using those applications, commands or scripts developed in previous versions without any problem today. This can be content developed on 16 or 32 bit architectures, for example. To give us an idea, the Legacy Console supports these modes graphic buffering and the API compatibility appropriate in these times.

This allows anyone who has been working with these command line tools for years to reuse old content and modes of operation. Keep in mind that as the Windows experience grows, more and more users make use of elements such as PowerShell or CMD.

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