QDQ Academy trains more than 1,200 workers in professional skills

The QDQ Group has recently celebrated the first anniversary of QDQ Academyan educational initiative, has prepared nearly half a thousand SMEs, freelancers and liberal professionals in digital skills, since it was launched in January 2021.

This project dispensed by brand experts and articulated through virtual sessions that delve into the key areas related to the latest trends in digital marketing has offered 27 webinars during its first year in which a total of 1,216 students from 473 companies.

Peter Fernandez, director of the QDQ Group points out; “We are very happy with the reception that QDQ Academy is having among SMEs, freelancers, small entrepreneurs and liberal professionals. Staff from almost 500 companies have already been able to train in digital skills with us, although only 50% of those registered have been able to join our virtual sessions, we consider this a high percentage given that we target active professionals, who frequently occupy your availability meeting the needs of your business”.

To which Fernandez adds; “Although the number of attendees at QDQ Academy has been estimated at 1,216 participants – there have been almost 2,500 professionals who have enrolled in our courses in the last twelve months, which highlights the high level of interest that our proposal has aroused in the course of the past year”.

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In order to impact all those companies interested in accessing these trainings, the company has also created materials specially designed for a intuitive and didactic learning with which to help SMEs.

Among them are the guides and training manuals, which have a very varied and complete content. Being suitable, both for those who are starting in the world of digitization, and for those who have extensive knowledge of marketing and management, but want to go one step further. Thus, to develop this initiative and make it efficient, the time availability of the executives of the registered companies has been taken into account, so that hours have always been chosen that make it possible to reconcile daily work with training.

Among the resources available in QDQ Academy, in addition to the guides and manuals, the videos that the company has created to enrich this initiative stand out. These deal with a multitude of digital strategies and tools that are currently available to improve the presence of businesses on the internet, such as content marketing, SEO positioning, Google Ads, or main trends in ecommerce, among others.

Entrepreneurs from all over Spain have already been trained

The analysis tools of the QDQ Group reveal that it is the entrepreneurs of the autonomous communities of Madrid, Catalonia, the Valencian Community and Andalusia, who have been most interested in the QDQ Academy initiative in the last year, with a large part of the registrations coming from here. the free webinars of the QDQ Group.

The QDQ Group data also highlights that when participating in the QDQ Academy virtual sessions, the computer has been the chosen option (55%). Although the mobile is an essential device for business, in this case it has been the second device used by businessmen to follow these courses (43%).

Among the virtual sessions that have generated the most interest among SMEs and the self-employed are those focused on strategies aimed at boosting the digital presence of companies and those aimed at extracting the maximum performance from My Google Business.

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