QNAP Introduces TS-855eU NAS Series: Compact and Efficient Power

The firm QNAP has presented the new series of NAS TS-855eU, designed to allow a 2U shallow rack mount, which allows to optimize the occupied space and use it in a more efficient way. This series is available in two different models, the TS-855eU, which has a single power supply, and the TS-855eU-RP, which comes with redundant power supply.

Thanks to this optimization at the level of occupied space offered by the QNAP NAS TS-855eU series, it is possible to implement it in environments where space is a limited resource. Thus, for example, we could easily mount them even in small cabinets, which translates into greater versatility, and this opens the doors to their use in a greater variety of workplaces.

QNAP TS-855eU NAS are equipped with 8-core Intel Atom 5125 processors running at 2.8 GHz, use Intel QuickAssist technology and support up to 64 GB of RAM, which can be ECC (error correcting). Count on eight SATA III storage drive bays and offer two ports with 2.5 GbE connectivity. All this translates into a good level of benefits, and guarantees that they will be able to optimally cover the needs of many types of companies.

Andy Chuang, Product Manager at QNAP, commented:

“With a 38% reduction in size, the 2U rackmount NAS TS-855eU series features a depth of just 297.4 mm (11.7 inches), making it suitable for installation in IT rooms and small closets with stringent cabling and ventilation requirements. It adapts to limited environments and, at the same time, allows you to perform daily operations reliably thanks to its excellent performance and its comprehensive business functions«.

In terms of hardware, the configuration of the QNAP TS-855eU series NAS is powerful enough to offer a good level of performance, and will allow us to access a wide variety of functions and features that are key to businessamong which we can highlight virtualization, high-speed data access, backup copies, data restoration and all-in-one file servers, which supports a wide variety of cloud-based services and allows easy hybrid cloud deployment, and taking snapshots to protect the NAS against major security threats.

QNAP TS-855eU NAS also feature two PCIe Gen 3 x4 slots, that allow installing 10GbE/25GbE network cards, and offer SR-IOV for better I/O performance. The two integrated NVMe PCIe M.2 slots will allow us to use the SSD cache or Qtier tiered storage (available on QTS) to further enhance NAS performance. These NAS also have the VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V certified for virtualized storage.

QNAP NAS TS-855eU series is equipped as standard with the QTS operating system, but you can seamlessly switch to the ZFS-based QuTS hero operating system, which would allow us to increase your capabilities when it comes to working with data. The single power supply model has a 250-watt unit, and the redundant power supply version incorporates two sources of 300 watts each.

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