Quake returns in widescreen 4K format and with new expansions

The mythical Quake in 4K

The one that was the most inspiring shooter of all time, the one that marked the true era of three dimensions and the one that marked an entire generation that would mark the beginnings of the PC Master Race, returns today with an absolutely renewed version with which offer 4K graphics. And it is that this renewed version arrives with the maximum resolution and support of widescreen displays, so we will enjoy the mythical campaign with improved models, dynamic lighting, anti-aliasing, and the same awesome soundtrack.

In search of the four runes, you must put yourself back in the ranger’s shoes to destroy the knights and ogres that you meet on your way through the four dark dimensions that you must visit.

Includes old and new expansions

Quake 4K

Those who want to spend long sessions of Quake like yesteryear, will be able to enjoy the original expansions that the game received, as well as two new extras developed by MachineGames, called “Dimension of the past” and “Dimension of the machine”.

In order to continue enjoying the game to unsuspected levels, the developers will allow the possibility of creating and installing mods that give life to other game modalities, so the fun will reach levels of heart attack as new mods and homemade creations of Players.

A multiplayer for the times

How could it be otherwise, this new improved Quake (and not remastered) includes the possibility of playing with other players thanks to a local and connected multiplayer with which we can connect with friends and other players. We will have, for example, the possibility of playing 4 players in local split screen mode as in the old days, or also connecting through the internet in games of up to 8 players.

The multiplayer plane is completed with the incorporation of crossplay, so PlayStation Xbox and PC players will be able to play with each other without any problem.

When can it be downloaded?

Quake 4K

The new Quake is now available in the Xbox and PlayStation store, so you can get it from today with a price of 9.99 euros. Unfortunately it is not part of Xbox Game Pass, although it is very possible that it will be announced soon within the service catalog.

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