Qualcomm has signed an exclusive agreement with Microsoft for Windows in ARM

Microsoft will not develop a version of Windows 11 for Mac M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max computers that are based on the ARM architecture. The reason for this is very simple: Microsoft has an exclusive agreement with Qualcomm. Indeed, according to XDA-Developer, Windows only for ARM systems on devices that have Qualcomm SoCs Due to this agreement, signed long ago and which has remained secret until now. It was probably signed shortly before the announcement of Windows for ARM, made by Microsoft and Qualcomm in 2016. A year later the first compatible devices arrived. But all with one common element: Qualcomm chips.

However, according to several sources, the expiration date of the agreement will end soon, and there is a good chance that it will not be renewed. The exact date for its end is not known, although when it arrives, other chipmakers will be able to create machines with ARM and Windows, and Microsoft may be free to create a version of Windows for ARM on the aforementioned Apple computer models, characterized for not having Qualcomm chips. In their place they carry Apple’s M1.

For now, MediaTek already has plans to develop a chip for Windows in computers with ARM mikes. AND once the agreement is gone, it is likely that other companies that until now were waiting to make chips for Windows at ARM start doing it, since the main obstacle you have to do so would disappear. It is possible, therefore, that Samsung also decides to enter the sector with its Exynos processors. And it could even change the situation with Apple computers with an M1 chip, and that they become compatible with Windows once the agreement is settled.

Meanwhile, Macs with Apple chips do not offer Boot Camp and as of today are not officially supported by Windows. Therefore, the owners of the computers that we have mentioned have practically no option to install Windows, except virtualization with Parallels, but only as of version 16.5. Virtualization with this program is still one of the few solutions for those who want to use Windows on Apple computers with their own chips, since Microsoft does not have a version of Windows ARM for Mac computers with Apple processors.

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