Qualcomm tests artificial intelligence image generation

Artificial intelligence has caught on with ChatGPT, which is being exploited by malicious actors to infect Windows and Android users with fake apps. Seeing the increasing presence of artificial intelligence in our lives, Qualcomm is working to make its ARM SoCs capable of generate images with artificial intelligence, on the fly and locally. This feature could officially come to Android smartphones in the future.

Qualcomm has released some images showing images of cats in armor allegedly generated with a mobile device. For this, the company’s own artificial intelligence stack was used to run Stable Diffusion 1.5 on an Android smartphone without an Internet connection. As there is no internet connection, everything has been processed locally on the device. The chip giant has also posted a video on its YouTube research channel showing Stable Diffusion put to work.

Images generated with artificial intelligence using Stable Diffusion on an Android smartphone with a Qualcomm SoC

Qualcomm has specified that it has used a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, the best SoC on the market of all those aimed at Android devices today. In addition, the version of Stable Diffusion used was optimized for “quantization, compilation, and hardware acceleration.” Possibly the result is not impressive considering what NVIDIA has achieved, to cite an example, but it is important to keep in mind that many did not consider that SoCs for smartphones were powerful enough to generate content of this type through artificial intelligence and under the aforementioned conditions.

The generation of images using artificial intelligence developed by Qualcomm is something that apparently still has more of an experiment than reality, so it is not known when it would begin to be available to users of at least the aforementioned Snapdragon Gen 2 and its successors, and that if the company decides to make it available to the general public. Despite everything, it is an interesting addition that shows that artificial intelligence has become fashionable among users with a more common profile.

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