Quality seals are the aspect that gives the most confidence in online shopping

Confianza Online and Showroomprive have prepared the VII study How has the e-shopper evolved in Spain?, which highlights, among other things, the aspects that give consumers the most confidence when shopping online. The quality seals (55.43%) head this list, closely followed by the opinions (54.29%) and because it is well identified (50.43%). Afterwards, the brand (43%) appears and, at a distance, usability (22.86%) and web design (22.14%). 70% of users have high or very high confidence in online commerce.

The study also highlights that 98% of consumers trust online purchases more or the same as last year. Likewise, 88% of those surveyed give a lot or quite a lot of importance to an ecommerce showing seals such as online trust.

Get the best price, the most valued option

Asked about the most valued aspect for online purchases, the most outstanding is getting the best price (62.14%). Next comes the flexibility of ecommerce (46.57%), the speed of product delivery (41.86%), free returns (39.29%), the reliability of the site (36.71%), the access to exclusive products (35.71%), the shopping experience (20.14%) and access to international products (19%).

The clothes is the most purchased fashion product by Spaniards (77.43%), followed by footwear (58.71%) and the handbags (20.86%). Regarding the type of articles, 63% opt for multi-brand and general stores, 61% large brands or consumer and 24.43% private sales websites.

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On the other hand, 72% of Spaniards say they have made more online purchases in 2022 than in 2021 and 71% of those surveyed believe that COVID-19 has boosted ecommerce.

Regarding incidents in online purchases, 77% of consumers have not had any. 70% of the people who had incidents did not occur on a web page with the seal. However, 66% of users who have bought fashion online have had incidents, while 69% of users have repeated purchases if the website had a seal.

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