Qualys offers new cloud packages to help companies reduce risk

The company specialized in disruptive IT, security and compliance solutions based on the cloud Qualys, has presented the new options of its TruRisk platform with the aim of providing greater cybersecurity to large companies and SMEs.

The new package offering, VMDR TruRisk, VMDR TruRisk FixIT and VMDR TruRisk ProtectIT, combine the comprehensive management, detection and response to vulnerabilities, with patch management and multi-vector EDR capabilities in custom packages geared toward small and medium-sized businesses.

In reality, these are simple, easy-to-deploy, all-inclusive cybersecurity solutions to protect against today’s burgeoning threats and risks facing more and more organizations.

By packages, VMDR TruRisk offers Qualys Cloud Platform and VMDR capabilities. With it, small businesses have access to enterprise-level asset visibility, vulnerability management, risk assessment, and priority remediation workflows.

For his part, VMDR TruRisk FixIT, offers the benefits of VMDR TruRisk and also Qualys Patch Management for risk-based detection and remediation. Enterprises have the option to prioritize vulnerabilities and automate patching based on business criticality.

while with MDR TruRisk ProtectIT, offers not only the benefits of VMDR TruRisk FixIT but also additional protection threat and anti-malware based on a business context and multi-vector of all endpoints to block malware and ransomware.

Introducing Enterprise TruRisk Management

Qualys has taken the opportunity to present Enterprise TruRisk Management (ETM), which will be available from next March. A tool capable of providing a broad vision of the cybersecurity risks faced by all types of companies.

ETM allows customers to export external security and vulnerability findings from third-party tools to Qualys, thus making it a powerful risk management program.

“The rapid increase in disclosed vulnerabilities and the speed at which they are executed leaves IT and security teams scrambling to respond. What is needed is a preventative platform that brings together all sources of exposure data into a correlated view of risk (…) Qualys Enterprise TruRisk Management meets this need by bringing together data from other vulnerability scanners and tools on a single platform to provide a data-driven risk prioritization that can drive smarter decisions and faster remediation,” said Michelle Abraham, research director, Security and Trust at IDC.

The expansion of the TruRisks platform serves both large companies and small and medium-sized organizations, with a clear objective: to increase risk awareness and help businesses respond to these quickly.

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