Quest Pro, the new virtual reality glasses for professionals, available from October 25

It’s already done: on October 25 the new virtual reality glasses professional-oriented Meta Quest Pro. It is an improved tool, adapted to the needs of these professionals and with which they can work without problems.

The Quest Pro VR headset features a sleek black design and a noticeably reduced weight, unlike previous glasses that are much more cumbersome in terms of volume.

They are also some glasses of virtual reality more ergonomic. The Quest Pro’s design has been tailored to perfectly match the shape of your nose as well as your eyes. This increases comfort when using them and allows many more professionals to choose them to work on a daily basis.

Quest Pro Goggle Uses

Despite the rise in popularity of virtual reality glasses, there are users who may wonder what they can do for them in their daily work if they work, for example, as consultants, marketing workers or even if they telecommute from home. Thes Quest Pro glasses are oriented to be used in remote meetings or to create professional designs more precisely.

In fact, It is expected that soon these virtual reality glasses can be integrated with a resource that is used today such as Microsoft Teams. and thereby replace the traditional video call to achieve an improved experience in remote meetings. Helping, in turn, in greater productivity in this type of professional meetings.

The Quest Pro virtual reality glasses are, at the moment, a reference in these latest generation lenses. Its features, as well as its design and comfort, are not comparable with any others that may be on the market. Its price is around 1800 euros.

On the b side, the need to buy additional extras to get certain benefits. For example, these virtual reality glasses do not completely block the light from the outside, so those who want it will have to invest in an extra resource. You also have to buy the controls and its battery does not last more than 2 hours. Although it is expected that these details will be improved with new versions.

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