Quick CPU or CPU-Z, choose which one to use to optimize the processor

When we talk about programs that allow us to know more about the processor of our equipment or there are two softwares that may be more familiar to us, such as CPU-Z and Quick CPU. Although they may seem similar they are not so, so we are going to see which one we should use if we want to optimize the performance of our processor.

CPU-Z, measure processor performance

We are talking about a free program developed by Cpuid. Although it has a CPU in its name, the software does not focus only on the processor but also on other pieces of hardware such as memory and the motherboard. Your goal is to collect all kind of information about them, so it will be very useful if at any time we need to remember them.

CPU-Z tab to know everything about the CPU

The application also has a small benchmark that will allow us to measure the performance of the CPU, evaluating in real time the internal frequency of each core, as well as the memory frequency. The results obtained are compared in their database, which will be responsible for informing us about their performance based on them. So we can know how powerful it is and, therefore, the most we can expect from him.

Quick CPU, focused on optimizing the processor

On the other hand, Quick CPU is a program oriented to adjust and monitor both the performance and the characteristics of the processor. It will also allow us to know different parameters such as its temperature, performance, power, voltage, among other elements. Thanks to this, it can allow us to detect problems in the CPU and carry out actions that allow us to optimize its performance.

Quick CPU interface

The application has a section from where you can select different options that will allow us make performance changes of our PC, optimizing the use that it makes on the CPU. We can change the performance to the minimum, to the maximum or keep it in a balanced way. In this way, it will be possible to control and optimize the performance of the processor without the risk of damaging our equipment. In addition, it allows us to manage power plans, monitor and clean memory.

Which one to choose to improve CPU performance

On the one hand, CPU-Z, has in general its work is more like informational tool that will help us to know the different elements that our PC has, as well as to know how powerful our CPU is and in this way know what performance we can expect from it. On the other hand, we will not be able to make any adjustments that allow us to optimize or improve your performance. Being in Spanish makes it easier for us to understand it well and is aimed at all types of users.

Instead, Quick CPU is a more complex tool, specifically focused on the processor and its different sections. We will be able to know many more important details about it and we will be able to make certain adjustments that can help us optimize your performance. This also makes it a more complex tool, especially aimed at advanced users who want to have better control over their CPU.

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