Quickly update your Apple devices, a critical flaw has been discovered

A critical vulnerability has been discovered on iPhones, iPads and Mac computers. It is therefore advisable to update your devices as soon as possible since Apple has just deployed a version of the system correcting this bug.

Apple has just rolled out an update that fixes a critical flaw on iPhones, iPads and Mac computers. So, it is advisable to update your Apple devices as soon as possible.

On iOS and iPadOS, this update is numbered 14.7.1 while on macOS it is version 11.5.1 that must be installed as quickly as possible.

How to check for an update?

If your computer or phone hasn’t already notified you when this update is available, here’s how to go check.

On ios : Go to the application Settings, then in the menu General and click on Software update. Your iPhone should automatically go for the latest version of the OS available. The handling is the same on iPad. Make sure you are connected to Wifi, the update is almost 1 GB.

On macOS: See you in System Preferences, then Software update. Your Mac will automatically check for the latest versions of the OS.

Why do I need to update?

The security notes accompanying this update indicate that a ” potentially currently exploited Allows code execution on the machine with a high degree of privilege. To put it simply, a malicious hacker could take control of your machine with this bug.

The update weighs 900 and a few mega // Source: Photo Numerama

Apple is not particularly talkative about the origin of this flaw, we just know that it concerns the framebuffer (frame buffer in good French), one of the components that controls the video display. Shortly after the update was deployed, several security researchers published sample code that exploited the bug.

If this kind of flaws can worry, they are unfortunately not that rare. Since the start of the year, Apple has patched 13 similar vulnerabilities. This kind of bug is common at Apple, but also at Microsoft or at Google.

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