Quik saves all your videos from GoPro and other cameras without limits

The ideal complement for your GoPro

If you have been or are a current user of an action camera like the great GoPro Hero 8 Black or the incredible GoPro Hero 9 Black, you will know that one of the big problems that any user ends up suffering sooner or later is that of storage.

These cameras offer a high quality video and different resolutions ranging from the lowest and with a potion of a greater number of frames per second to make slower cameras more pronounced, up to 4K resolution and 60 fps that allow everything to look in the best possible way.

Well, if recording at 4K resolution is great, the problem is that you start accumulating gigs and gigs of data until you don’t know how to save them all. So, either you invest in a good NAS to create your own cloud with enough capacity and knowing that it will also end up full or you start hiring cloud storage services.

Well, now neither one nor the other will have to worry you again, because Quik at last he is offering what he promised: unlimited storage without quality restrictions. That is, before the videos were stored at a maximum resolution of 1440p, now all that is left behind and the material captured with your action camera is uploaded to real resolution.

This will allow you to make backup copies or simply have all the material you capture in the cloud without having to worry about what to delete and what to keep. Which is still necessary, because it would be absurd to keep a material of poor quality for some reason or that you know you are not going to use.

GoPro Quik faces the cloud of Google, Apple and others

With this change or update in the conditions of use of GoPro Quik it is clear that the application of the most famous action camera company in the world will face big technology and other cloud storage solutions.

Because Quik and that unlimited storage option will only cost you 5.49 euros per month or 49.99 euros per year if you select single payment. With both options you will have unlimited storage in the cloud, regardless of whether the content you have captured is from a GoPro or any other camera. It simply has to be on your phone and all that content that you want to make a backup copy of in the GoPro cloud be selected.

Also, the Quik subscription offers cool things like the Mural or a series of templates and editing tools, music, discounts when buying new GoPro, support, etc. So, as we said, it is an interesting application that could continue to be so even for those who do not have a GoPro.

GoPro Quik and the risk of Google Photos

Okay, it is possible that right now you are thinking that all this may have a trick and that when you least expect it you will find yourself tied to a service that is no longer as attractive as it is right now or as Google Photos was at the time.

Well, it is true that everything can change, but Google Photos offered unlimited free storage if you let it optimize the files. Here the material is uploaded as is and you are really paying, very little, but you pay.

So at first there should be no problem. What you do lose is the ability to store other types of files or use said cloud as one more unit that you could have locally, but it is worth it in our opinion.

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