R2-D2 is now a Tamagotchi for Star Wars fans

R2-D2 is the first official Star Wars Tamagotchi

R2-D2 is not only one of the most popular and beloved droids in the Star Wars saga alongside R3CPO and BB8, it is also the first to arrive in Tamagotchi form. Yes, the company that has been making these particular eggs for so many years that includes a digital mascot inside launched a very special version for all Star Wars fans.

As you can see, this time the protagonist, the pet that you will have to take care of is none other than R2-D2. The droid will live in this egg that will be available in two colors or versions. On one side there will be a white color with blue details very similar to the design of the droid itself. And on the other, one in translucent blue that without being so identical also has its point of appeal.

Regarding the gaming experience, because this is still a Tamagotchi, R2-D2 will also have to be cared for and interacted with so that you are happy. And it doesn’t matter if he’s a droid, he also has his own feelings as you may already know. So you are going to have to take care of it through maintenance tasks that involve keeping it charged (instead of feeding it like other models) and clean. Although that will not be the only thing.

The Tamagotchi from R2-D2 will also offer you a series of games, nine in total, with which to further liven up the experience. Not counting on the skills of it that will also help keep you entertained with it. But do not rule out that it ends up dying like 99% of the Tamgotchi in a few days or weeks, when you forget it is there.

A product for fans of Star Wars and the Tamagotchi

As a person who likes Star Wars and all these devices with a little freaky air, I will not deny that the idea of ​​getting one of these Tamagotchi from R2-D2 has not crossed my mind, but it is true that it’s a little late and it’s basically for fans of the saga and collectors of Tamagotchi.

Because if this is not the case, it is not a product that is really being used today beyond the taste for having a very different product and to a certain extent special compared to the rest due to the collaboration with Disney.

So, if you’re interested, reservations will open shortly, but it won’t be until November 11 when it will be released and all those who acquire it now or are going to do so from that day will begin to receive the units. And about the price, as there is no confirmation, but between 30 euros it will possibly be.

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